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‘Pujalu Punaskaralu Namaskaralu Annie Pukka Commercial’ .. Unexpected response to the title song .. Final words from the pen of Sirivennela ..

Macho star Gopichand as the hero under the direction of Maruti .. UV Creations and Geeta Arts 2 are jointly producing the movie Pakka Commercial. The first single from the film was released. There will be an unexpected response to this. The lyrics of the song impress everyone. Gopichand also looks very stylish. There is another uniqueness to this song. It is an inspirational song written by the late lyricist Sirivennela Sitarama Shastri. Director Maruthi is getting very emotional as the song is a summary of the last life written by Sirivennela.

Pujas Punaskaras Namaskaras are all pakka commercial ..
God Almighty Devotees Agattulu Annie Pakka Commercial ..
Air free .. no ..
Water is free .. no ..
Fire Free .. No ..
nuvvu nunchunna jaaga free na..
Annie Pakka Pakka Pakka Commercial ..
janiminchina , maraninchina avvada karchu ..
jeevinvhadam adugaduguna karche karchu.

He wrote a beautiful song. The director Maruti became emotional after memorizing the lyrics of the song. He said that he had composed some words in this song as he knew about death beforehand .. Maruti remembered Sirivennela Gari. Maruti says that there are many more wonderful words in this song. There will be wonderful lyrics about life, birth and death in the commercial title song. It is noteworthy that this is the last alphabet from the pen of Sirivennela Gary. UV Creations and Geeta Arts 2 are jointly producing the film.

Gopichand, Rashikhanna, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, Saptagiri etc.

Technical Team:

Director – Maruti
Dedication – Allu Arvind
Banner – GA2 Pictures, UV Creations
Producer – Bunny Was
Production Designer – Ravinder
Music – Jacques Bijoy
Co-Producer – SKN
Executive Producer – Satya Gamidi
Line Producer – Launches
Editing – NP Udbhav
Cinematography – Karim Chawla
PRO – Eluru Srinu, Meghshyam

తెలుగులో చదవండి

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