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New Executive Committee of the Film Critics Association

New Executive Committee of the Film Critics Association

The Film Critics Association, which has a long history of 50 years, has elected a new executive committee. Suresh Kondetti will be the president, RDS Prakash and Suresh Kavirayani will be the general secretaries and M Lakshminarayana will be the general secretary. Narayanareddy M.D. Abdul, Treasurer P. Hemasunder elected. As members of the working committee: Thatikonda Keshavachari, Veerni Srinivasa Rao, T. Mallikharjun, Ramesh Chandu, Dheeraj Appaji, Naveen and Ravi Gorantla were elected. All members were unanimously elected. B.A. King, in honor of the victors their son B.A. Sivakumar was taken as a member of the Film Critics Association and also as an EC member with the approval of the committee.

Speaking on the occasion, Film Critics Association President Suresh Kondeti said, “The Film Critics Association is a 50-year-old historical association. It was through this organization that true film journalists began. The Film Critics Association has a special identity in the Telugu film industry. I heard about this association in 1991 when I was a journalist. Then I wanted to be a member of this association. I did not want to be a member while Krishna was in the magazine. I became a member of the Film Critics Association while working for a news daily. Thus that wish was fulfilled.

Then attend every meeting of the Association. Then Gudipudi Srihari .. Lakshmanarao .. Big people like this inspired me. I also thought I should ever be in a post on something in the Film Critics Association. Such was the last time .. I did it for two years as the President of the Film Critics Association. The opportunity to serve the members as President in Corona Time is unforgettable. At that time I felt lucky to have the opportunity to help the members. Then it was not just journalists .. the world had a hard time. Journalists were also assisted by the CCC as well as Thalassani Srinivas. If there are 24 crafts for the film industry .. I want film journalists to be 25 crafts. At that time the members of the Film Critics Association were financially supported in two tranches.

The association, which has a 50-year history, provides health insurance to all its first-time members. Also, if the members do not die, then it has been decided to give 25,000. We have done many programs like this. Now I am very happy to be unanimously making myself President for the second time. My heartfelt thanks for putting so much faith in me. In the past, I worked for the development of the organization .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … Decisions to be of use to each member are to be taken with the approval of the members of the Committee. I can say for sure that the Film Critics Association is the key to the Association of Film Journalists.

As the General Secretary, M. Lakshminarayana said … The Film Critics Association, which has a history of 50 years, is very happy that the elections held for the year 2022 – 2024 were held unanimously. I would like to thank all the members on this occasion. The President, the Secretary, the Treasurer as well as the EC members were unanimously elected. We will let you know soon what we are going to do for the development of the association.

Speaking to Vice President Suresh Kaviraya … I was unanimously elected as Vice President. It is a 50 year old Film Critics Association. Popular .. Preferred .. This is the Association. “I want this new working group to move forward for the benefit of the film industry and the members of the association,” he said.

Vice President RDS Prakash said, “I have been a film journalist since 1996. I have worked four times as an easy member of the Film Critics Association. I have been elected as the Vice-Chairman of this Committee which is currently chaired by Suresh Kondetti. I would like to inform all our team members that we will work for the development of this association with the cooperation of all the members.

Joint Secretary M.D. Abdul says … The long-running Film Critics Association handles many responsibilities … efficiently. Thank you for electing me as Joint Secretary. “I would like to express my gratitude to the company for its support in every program and for its development,” he said.

Treasurer Hema Sundar says … I have been a member of the Film Critics Association since 2000. Today I worked as a film journalist. Later I worked as a web journalist. Now I’m in digital journalism. I worked as an Easy Member in 2019. I also held the post of treasurer in the last election. This time he was unanimously elected treasurer. “I guarantee you will be very transparent in dealing with financial transactions,” he said.

EC Member Naveen says .. Film Critics Association is very important in the industry. Movie magazines are number one but .. Sithara but .. super hit but .. as well as happy but .. as soon as news and photos came in film magazines like this, the general public knew about movies at that time. There is no doubt that film journalists have played a key role in becoming many movie stars. I have been working in the industry for over 20 years. I am very happy to be an EC Member. He said he would like to work harder for the welfare of the members of this association in the years to come.

EC member Dheeraj Appaji said, “I sincerely want the Film Critics Association to hold its Golden Jubilee Celebrations under the leadership of Suresh Kondetti with the cooperation of all the members.”

EC Member Keshavachari said … I would like to thank Suresh Kondetti for electing me as an EC Member.

EC member Veerni Srinivasa Rao says … I have been working as a film journalist since 2004. I have worked as an EC Member twice in the past. Now for the third time I would like to thank everyone for unanimously electing me as an EC Member on the New Committee of the Film Critics Association. I would like to inform you that the entire committee under the leadership of Suresh Kondetti will work hard for the further development of this association and for the welfare of all the members.

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