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NBK’s Unstoppable with SS Rajamouli

NBK’s Unstoppable with SS Rajamouli and MM Keeravani

Unstoppable,ss rajamouli,keeravani
Unstoppable,ss rajamouli,keeravani

Balakrishna’s  Unstoppable is entertaining all people and the most awaited episode with Rajamouli is getting streamed on Aha Video. The promo generated immense interest as Balakrishan fired sensational questions about Rajamouli’s beard even though he scored hits, about stars tasting flops after doing films with him and also as to when he would direct him.

Balakrishan Started the show talking about family relations and said he has two families one ‘Nandamuri’ and other ‘fans’ and added that he addresses youngsters as ‘naanna’, women as ‘ammaa’ and elders as ‘anna’ and introduced Rajamouli saying that he brings entire family in the sets and showered praises him as Darsakaratna etc. About his beard, Rajamouli said, he is lazy to have a clean shave.  Balakrishan  countered asking whether this was the reason why he took years to complete his films.

Balakrishan teased Rajamouli waking at 5 AM is late by more than one hour to Brahmi muhurat, Rajamouli says he cannot compare with him. When Balakrishan questioned Rajamouli about a film with him and on fans pressure and also Rajamouli telling them, he was scared to handle Balakrishan, Rajamouli confessed that he is scared not because he will scold him but he said he gets irritated while doing a film and cannot concentrate on heroes comforts but in case of him, he will think of whether he is comfortable or not.

Rajamouli showered praises on Balakrishan for his good deeds and cancer hospital and also questioned him about him attacking fans. Balakrishan, in two images, said he can be like a cocktail and can have multiple images. Balakrisna teased Rajamouli for sidetracking the question on when he will do a film with him. He said heroes have whatsapp groups and they discuss about Rajamouli that he sidetracks heroes asking them to shed weight, gain six pack or beard for years if they ask about projects with him. When Rajamouli said that because of fear, his films get delayed as he works for perfection, Balakrishan adds that even though he loves direction he is not scared. Rajamouli remarks fear and Balakrishan are incomparable.Rajamouli showered praises on Balakrishan and Akhanda and added that even youngsters are enjoying it.

On Balakrishan’s question about stars facing flops after doing films with him, Rajamouli said how can he be responsible for other films also. Balakrishan invited Keeravani and asked whether he would give him a chance to sing and teased Rajamouli why he always ropes Keeravani as music director. Rajamouli said if he gets a better option he will replace Keeravani. When Keeravani talks about elephants, lions and tigers, Balakrishan says Keeravani is not an elephant. Rajamouli said his daughter made all their family members take oath that they will never discuss films and heroes during lunch. 

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