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“Naijam” shooting starts at Annapurna Studio

“Naijam” shooting starts at Annapurna Studio

The film is a suspense thriller set in a socially oriented family story, with many facets of personality, mentality and pragmatic style. The truth is that life is captioned. Directed by Kondregula Chandu, Anjaneya Ennamsetti and Lagudu Lova Satya Narayana (Buzzi), the film celebrated its poojas at Annapurna Studio in Hyderabad on Saturday. The camera was switched on by clapping for the first moment of the film, which was directed by film director Konaramesh, followed by a press conference organized by the film unit.

Filmmaker Kondregula Chandu said .. I really liked the story told by director Ramesh. Concentrated listening. It explains very well what a man’s attitude is, when and how it is affected. Loving the story, Ramanjaneyam and Satya Narayana came forward to produce this film without compromising anywhere on the budget. The characters of the hero and heroines are very well put together. He said that he sincerely wants everyone to enjoy this movie which is a must watch with the family.

Another producers, Ennamsetti Anjaneyulu and Satyanarayana, said, “We are producing this film under the banner of Bhargavi Sri Dimension Film with the storyline of how a person’s psychology is identified by what they look like.” We will also release the movie trailer by Ugadi after completing the single schedule. Everyone is blessing our film and I want all your contributions to be with us.

Director Kona Ramesh says, “Naijam” is a suspense thriller with many facets of personalities, mentality and pragmatic style. I was given the opportunity to direct this film by carrying the film on.Thank you to everyone in the unit for giving me full support.We will complete this film on a single schedule in Hyderabad, Maredu Milli etc. The film should be well received by all the audience.

Lyrics songwriter Dr. Kattimanda Pratap said .. The director is a good talented person who shows the nijan of the man in a different style that is unique through this film. The film, which is set in a rural setting with many waxy angles, is completed on a single schedule. Kumar is giving wonderful music to this movie. The hero and heroines are a nice pair. I hope this film will definitely be a success for the producers who are coming forward and producing without hesitation to budget in film production

Music director Mohan Kumar said, “I was very impressed when the director told this story. It is a film with good scope for background score songs. Everyone will definitely like this film.”

Sanjay, the hero of the film, said, “The story is very good. He thanked the director and producers for giving him the opportunity to act in Naijam, which has a good social message.”

Heroine Sara says..thank you for keeping so much expectation on me and selecting me in this movie. Thanks to the directorial producers for giving me the opportunity to star in such good movies
I wholeheartedly wish this movie that great success

Sanjay, Sara, Ravikiran, Muggu Nagesh

Banner: Bhargavi Shree Dimension Films
Director: Kona Ramesh
Producers: Kondregula Chandu, Anjaneya Ennamsetti, Lagudulova Satya Narayana (Buji)
Music ‘: MM Kumar,
Lyrics,: Dr. Kattimanda Pratap,
DOP: Mahendra S.
PRO: Sai Satish, Parvataneni Rambabu

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