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My Name Is Shruti ‘Reppe Veseloga Marindemo Na Raata’ Lyrical Song Release

My Name Is Shruti ‘Reppe Veseloga Marindemo Na Raata’ Lyrical Song Release

‘My Name Is Shruti’ is a film with a different concept and a different theme that has never been seen before on the Indian screen. Srinivas Omkar, the director of the film, says that our film is about a young woman’s struggle with a gang that pulls a man’s skin and does business. Leading heroine Hansika will play the title role in the film which is being formed under his direction. In the recently released teaser, the curiosity about the film has increased with the dialogue of the heroine Hansika telling them what to do if they want to pull the skin and do business. Launching as a lady oriented film, the film is being produced by Burugu Ramya Prabhakar under the banner of Vaishnavi Arts.

Recently released teaser in Telugu got a good response. On Tuesday, the lyrical video of the movie titled ‘Reppe Veseloga Marindemo Na Raata .. Tappe Case Laga Mupe Vache Na Na Venta’ was released. The song was sung by Harika Narayana with lyrics by Krishnakanth (KK) under the music direction of Mark Rabeen. On this occasion the heroine Hansika said ‘I am very happy to be starring in this film. I have never done an intense story like this.

The twists in the movie will amaze everyone. The song comes as the title song in the film. I am sure that along with this song, the film will also entertain everyone. ‘ The producer said that there was a good craze for the film as the teaser was interesting throughout. With a different concept, the director made each scene very interesting. A release date is going to be announced soon. The director says that he is excited about what will happen after watching the movie for a long time … until the end it will have twists that no one could have imagined.

Starring Murali Sharma, Aadukalam Narayan, Jayaprakash (JP), Praveen, CVL Narasimha Rao, Kedari Shankar, Pooja Ramachandran, etc. Camera: Kishore Boydapu, Music: Mark Robin, Editor: Chota K. Prasad, Stunts: Robin Subbu, Lyrics: Krishnakanth , Art: Govind Erasani, Line Producer: Vijaykumar Karrem, Co-Producer: Pawan Kumar Bandi, Producer: Burugu Ramya Prabhakar, Writer-Director: Srinivas Omkar.

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