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My Dear Donga: A Passion Project by Shalini Kondepudi Set for Aha Release

CAM Entertainment Focuses on Concept-Driven Films with ‘My Dear Donga’

The upcoming Telugu film ‘My Dear Donga’ is gearing up for its release on the popular OTT platform Aha. The movie stars Abhinav Gomatam as the lead, alongside Shalini Kondepudi, Divya Sripada, Nikhil Gajula, Vamsidhar Goud, and Shashank Manduri. Produced by Gojala Maheshwar Reddy under the banner of CAM Entertainment, ‘My Dear Donga’ promises a unique blend of comedy and crime.

A trailer launch event was held at Hyderabad’s Prasad’s Lab on Wednesday, with actor Priyadarshi gracing the occasion as the chief guest. The event saw the participation of various cast and crew members who shared their experiences and enthusiasm for the film.

A Creative Collaboration: Shalini’s Script, Abhinav’s Performance

Music director Ajay Arsada highlighted Abhinav’s return to playing a thief character after a decade, comparing it to his role in the 2014 film ‘Jagannatakam’. He commended the film’s unique brand of comedy and praised the platform Aha for supporting new projects.

Producer Maheshwar Reddy spoke about the collaborative effort behind ‘My Dear Donga’. He credited Shalini Kondepudi for not only writing the story but also playing a key role, praising her talent and dedication. He emphasized CAM Entertainment’s commitment to producing ‘friendly films’ with fresh talent and expressed a desire to work with aspiring storytellers.

Newcomers and Established Actors Share Excitement

The event also featured speeches from the film’s cast members. Actor Nikhil Gajula, making his first pre-release event appearance, expressed his gratitude to Abhinav Gomatam and Aha for their support. Actress Snehal lauded the film’s direction, script, and acting, urging audiences to watch it on Aha. Divya Sripada spoke about the relatable nature of the story and her character, while Shashank Manduri highlighted the team’s energy and dedication.

Shalini Kondepudi’s Journey: From Script to Screen

Shalini Kondepudi, the film’s writer and lead actress, expressed her heartfelf gratitude to the Aha team for believing in her script and acting abilities. She mentioned her long-standing friendship with Abhinav and the collaborative process behind the film’s development. Initially envisioned as a web series, ‘My Dear Donga’ eventually took shape as a movie. Shalini also credited music director Ajay Arsada for his contribution.

Aha Content Head Endorses ‘My Dear Donga’

Vasu, the Content Head of Aha, praised the film’s potential and commended the efforts of the entire cast and crew. He specifically highlighted Shalini’s hard work, producer Mahesh’s dedication, and director Sarvanga Kumar’s promising talent. He also acknowledged Abhinav Gomatam’s acting prowess and the contributions of the team behind the scenes.

Priyadarshi, the Chief Guest, Offers Support

The event concluded with a speech by chief guest Priyadarshi, a close friend of both Shalini and Abhinav. He lauded Shalini’s perseverance and talent, highlighting her journey as an aspiring actress who took control of her career by writing her own script. He commended Aha for supporting such unique projects and wished the entire team success.

‘My Dear Donga’ promises to be a refreshing cinematic experience with its focus on fresh talent, a compelling script, and a collaborative spirit. With its upcoming release on Aha, the film is poised to entertain audiences and establish itself as a successful example of concept-driven filmmaking.

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