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My character in Rama Banam is close to my real life: Khushbu

My character in Rama Banam is close to my real life: Khushbu 

Khushbu Sundar is going to be seen in a Telugu cinema after a long gap. Her upcoming movie Rama Banam by director Sriwass is set for release on May 5. 

In an interview ahead of the movie’s release, Khushbu spoke about her role in the movie and her experiences in the Telugu Film Industry.
About her character, she said she acted as hero Gopichand‘s sister-in-law and wife of Jagapathi Babu.
Once again, Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu will be seen as brothers in the movie which is expected to be a hattrick hit for the combo of Sriwass and Gopichand after Lakshyam and Loukyam.
She says her character in the movie is close to her real life character. “I will not accept if anyone disrespects my family. I retaliate if my family is hurt. The character Bhuvaneswari in the movie too does the same,” she said.
Speaking about Gopichand, Khushbu said that they speak in Tamil during shootings as the former hails from Madras.
I play Jagapathi Babu’s wife in the movie. I have known him for so many years and as a child artist I worked for his father’s banner.
“I have always been for South Indian language films be it Telugu, Tamil, Kannada or Malayalam. Indian cinema is not just Hindi cinema. It includes South Indian cinema also. It is good that our cinema is getting recognised globally,” she said.

What is the significance of your character in Rama Banam?
Rama Banam is very close to heart. The most important takeaway from the film for me is the value of family relationships. It’s not just about accumulating wealth or property, but also about holding your loved ones together. In my film Rama Banam, my character promotes the importance of organic and traditional food.

You have gained a lot of popularity in Tamil, but have you felt the same level of popularity in Telugu?
I made a conscious choice to work in Tamil industry even though I had opportunities in Telugu. When Telugu film industry shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad, I decided to stay in Tamil Nadu and continue my work here. Also, since I have already moved from Mumbai to Chennai, I didn’t want to put my family through another relocation. Despite my focus on Tamil industry, I have done a lot of Telugu films and I do feel that I have a good following in Telugu industry as well. However, I do regret missing out on the opportunity to act in the film Chanti.

On adding persona to a character?
With every film, I strive to improve my skills as an actor and add new dimensions to my craft. I believe in bringing a deep understanding of the character to my performance. In Rama Banam, my character is enterprising and values family a lot, which resonates with my own personal beliefs. Bhuvaneswari’s character, especially her fierce and protective nature towards her family, is a lot like me – I can relate to her as a wounded tigress who fiercely defends her own family.

On Food being an important element in Rama Banam?
The excessive consumption of food with preservatives can lead to several health issues. The fast food that comes in packed containers can also cause health problems. The most delicious food can be prepared using traditional methods like using terracotta and grinding with traditional grinders. However, due to time constraints, people tend to opt for fast food, which is the easier option. The primary message behind Rama Banam is to promote healthy food habits. We can even grow our own vegetables at home, and it doesn’t require much space.

On doing more Telugu films?
If given the opportunity, I would definitely consider acting alongside Balakrishna. Despite having a long career in the industry, I have never had the chance to share the screen with him. If the right script comes along, I would be happy to work with him.

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