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Mohan Babu’s Open Letter To Tollywood Film Industry

Mohan Babu’s Open Letter To Tollywood Film Industry

Manchu Mohan Babu, a senior actor and producer, wrote an open letter to the Tollywood film industry on Sunday. Mohan Babu, emphasized clearly in his letter that the Telugu film industry is not just about four heroes, four producers, and four distributors. 

According to Mohan Babu, the Telugu film industry consists of 24 crafts, and all people who work in these 24 crafts are members of the Telugu film industry. Unfortunately, a few Tollywood personalities have limited the Telugu film industry to a four-hero, four-producer, and four-exhibitor industry. 

He went on to say that dictatorship does not govern our film industry. The current state of theater ticket pricing is making things more complicated, and he believes that any film, no matter how small or big, should be able to run without any barriers. However, Mohan Babu, publicly opposed the pricing and asked everyone to join him in protest. 

“The time has finally come. Everyone needs to wake up. The actor questioned, “Where are all the producers in this critical situation?” He also remarked on the industry’s collective silence and questioned why the production council is not taking any responsibility for speaking out on the issue. “Come, let’s meet two Telugu state chief ministers and talk about our issues,”Mohan Babu,” said openly. 

Actors like Chiranjeevi, Siddharth, Nani, Nikhil, and legendary filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao had already expressed their dissatisfaction with the AP government’s decision to set a lower price limit on movie tickets.

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