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Mega support gone …?

Mega support gone …?

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Public support for the AP government was good and it came to power with 151 seats. It is said that even the YCP elders did not expect that in fact all the seats would get votes. Turning everyone’s expectations upside down, the people voted unanimously that Jagannath is our CM in the 2019 elections. Today, however, Jagan’s CM was shocked by the fact that many groups did not want to see the two words together. Even though Jagan is the chief minister, there has been some criticism from None

It is said that there is also Tollywood that impresses everyone. Today is our President Rajendra Prasad. Responding to media queries as to whether the AP elders were upset with the AP CM, he said they would meet slowly before the trouble. However, there were no visits. While all this was going on, mega star Chiranjeevi Jagan suddenly appeared at home. Jagan also greeted him and gave him a dinner.

It has become an event that has taken the political circles as well as the Tollywood community by surprise. After that the elders also came under the leadership of Chiranjeevi on behalf of the film industry and met Jagan. Issues were discussed. Got guarantees for the solution. It was announced on the day that there would be more meetings but no meetings were held after that.

It is said that the reason for that is the politics in Tollywood. Tack said the megastar was hurt by criticism that he was chasing some and meeting chief ministers. However, Chiranjeevi expressed support for some of the administrative decisions taken by Jagan. Chiranjeevi said the film was a big welcome, especially if Pawan was opposed as Janasena in the case of the three capitals.

The megastar also lauded the naming of Kurnool Airport as Uyyala Vada Narasimha Reddy. Recently, Chiranjeevi also tweeted congratulations on Jagan’s birthday. In a way, Tollywood has always been a big supporter of big megastar Chiranjeevi Jagan. He also faced some criticism in this regard. Such a megastar now wants to be a Tollywood adult. Over says his younger brother Pawan Rute is correct.

Doubt is rising as to whether Pawan’s aggression is justified in the case of Jagan. Mohan Babu’s son contested and won our election. Conflicts also erupted in Tollywood after that. Here Mohan Babu is said to be a relative of Jagan and some elements in Tollywood are causing political turmoil. The latest letter written by Mohan Babu is also provocative.

Despite these developments, the Tollywood bigwigs are also impatient with Jagan Sarkar’s insistence on reducing movie tickets. It is against this backdrop that the gap with Tollywood is said to have widened again for the government. At no time did the megastar support Jagan but now he too is openly commenting that his younger brother is the power route better and says that in the days to come he will face hot criticism from the YCP government to the YCP.

All in all, there is a debate as to whether Poe Poe is unnecessarily involved in the movie ticket controversy. This has nothing to do with the AP government being big. It is said that the affair turned out to be a total loss of mega support. It remains to be seen whether there will be any more meetings with Tollywood adults in the future.

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