Mass, class, all those who love Amma love Rudrud: Raghava Lawrence

Mass, class, all those who love Amma love Rudrud: Raghava Lawrence

Rudrudu is a movie that is liked by all masses, classes and families. All who love Amma love Rudrud: Raghava Lawrence

Actor-choreographer-filmmaker Raghava Lawrence’s action entertainer Rudrudu directed by Kathiresan will be released in Telugu and Tamil languages. Priya Bhavani Shankar will play the female lead opposite Lawrence, while Sarath Kumar will be seen in a pivotal role. Five Star Creations LLP is producing the film while Kathiresan is acting as the presenter. Pixel Studios producer Tagore Madhu is releasing this movie in Telugu states. The theatrical trailer released recently received tremendous response. Raghava Lawrence has shared the features of Rudrudu’s film on the 14th of this month, which is going to have a grand release all over the world.

What attracted you when director Kathiresan Rudrudu narrated the story?

You all know I love mom. Rudrudu Mother is a sentimental film. Also I give some good message in every movie. Rudrudu has a good message about mom and dad. Also, I got all the action, comedy, fun and romance I wanted. Rudrudu is a content based movie that entertains audiences from all walks of life including mass.. class.. families. All those who love Amma love Rudrud.

How will your character be in Rudrudu? How is it different from the roles you have done so far?

He looks like a common man in this. A problem arises in life. When it is supposed to happen naturally… but it turns out that someone is doing it on purpose. In such a case, what would happen if that common man turned around? Usually there is mass in the roles I do. In this, he looks like a common middle class guy doing IT job. How did circumstances turn such a middle class boy into a mass? It is very interesting in this.

Muni and Kanchana films gave great thrill to the audience.. What kind of feeling does Rudra give?

The thrill in Kanchana is also in Rudru. But it is different. Entertainment and mass episodes in Kanchana are in Rudrudu. Action is also very important. Mass is emotion. Mass comes only when there is emotion. I strongly believe in Rudrudu’s emotion. It will be 100% reach.

Yours and Tagore Madhu’s hit does it feel to come back with Rudrudu now?

Madhu is a lucky producer for me. It was a pleasure to work with him. He has a lot of faith in me. Rudra once again upholds that belief. He will prove to be my lucky producer again.

How was it working with new director Kathiresan?

Kathiresan is also a producer. He said that he will bring a story and direct it. I like the story very much. I love the desire to reinvent myself. A category when I did Mas, Don movies. The same came in four parts only after Kanchana touched it. To get out of it, you need good content. Such good content brought. We both shared experiences and made the film very friendly.

All the songs of Rudrudu have become super hits.. About Jivi Prakash Kumar’s work?

This is the first time that GV is working with Prakash Kumar. I asked for a good melody. Every movie of mine has mass songs along with good melody songs. Also, two melody songs were given in this super. Climax emotional song done super. The remix song is also amazingly done. Also the background music was done by Sam CS. Came very extraordinary. The audience will enjoy it a lot.

Dances have a special place in your movies.. How are the dances in Rudrudu?

There is a good dance in the opening song. Also there is dance in two melody songs.

How will Priya Bhavani Shankar’s role be in this?

The heroine’s role is also very sentimental. Priya Bhavani Shankar’s films are almost homely. He is the right choice for this story and role. She is a plus for this movie.

Sarath Kumar’s character looked very powerful while watching the trailer?

Sarath Kumar was lucky for me when I did Kanchana. When I heard about the role of the villain in this film, I thought Sarath Kumar would be good. This role requires a powerful person and action as well. Sarath Kumar does both these brilliantly. As powerful as my character is, Sarath Kumar’s character is also powerful.

How powerful is the action going to be in Rudrudu?

I like Akhanda fights a lot. Balayya Babu did a wonderful action. I watched the movie three times just for the action. I said that I want to be a fight master. Master Shiva has designed the action brilliantly to suit this story. There is an emotion in every fight.

How do you balance films and service programs?

No matter how busy we are with movies, if someone knocks on our door, we definitely need them. Balancing it was difficult at first. Then got used to it. Even while shooting, I remain tense until the children go to the hospital and come back after the operation is successful. I have done about 150 operations for children. Now everyone is healthy and comfortable. Seeing the joy in the eyes of the child’s parents after coming out of the operation theater is very gratifying. My wish is to be a hero in real life rather than being a hero in movies. It was a gift from God.

New films to be made?

I am doing Chandramukhi 2 and Jigarthanda 2. Also, there is a film under the direction of his co-director with the screenplay of Lokesh Kanakaraj’s story. The film is produced by Lokesh Kanakaraj.

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