Mark Antony Film Review

Mark Antony Film Review: “Watchable Funny Time Travel Flick”



Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5

Vishal, SJ Suryah, Abhinaya, Ritu Varma, Reding Kingsley, Sunil, Selvaraghavan, Nizhagal Ravi, Y. Gee. Mahendra and others.

Director: Adhik Ravichandran
Writer: SJ Suryah, Adhik Ravichandran and Savari Muthu
Music Composer: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer: Abinandhan Ramanujan
Editor: Vijay Velukutty
Release Date: September 15, 2023

Vishal and SJ Suryah’s science fiction movie ‘Mark Antony’ is based on time travel. Of late many directors are coming up with time travel subjects. Tamil director Adhik Ravichandran shot ‘Mark Antony’ in a retro setting. Let us check if the film reached expectations of the audience.

Antony (Vishal) and Jackie Marthanda (SJ Surya) are best friends, gangsters! When Antony dies… Jackie raises his son Mark (Vishal) as a nephew. But… for his promise to his mother, Mark becomes a mechanic without knives and guns. He harbors a grudge against his father who killed his mother. Mark comes across a phone that can time travel and call the past and rewrite history. What truth did Mark learn when he talked to his parents over the phone? How did the dead Antony come back to life? How did Jackie who survived die? How did both die again and again? What are the roles of Silk Smitha, Ekambaram (Sunil), Ramya (Ritu Varma), Vedavalli (Abhinaya) in this story? You have to watch the movie to know.

I’m ‘Mark Antony’ SJ Surya was givens title ‘acting monster’. When you see him on screen, you feel like an actor. His body has a grace and rhythm. As Don Jackie, Don’s son Marthand… was cast in two roles. Gave laughs with comedy timing and dialogue delivery. He also impresses as an actor.

Some criticize that Vishal’s look is the same in every movie and his performance is the same. That Vishal was not seen in ‘Mark Antony’. The look has changed. A distinction was made between the two roles. In the climax, however, he was seen with a tonsured head. He is also impressive as an actor. Sunil did a different character. His roll comes and goes. Abhinaya once again impressed with the performance.

Selva Raghavan gets up to play the role of a scientist who invents a phone that can time travel, and his performance is okay. It should be understood only when Silk Smitha’s photo is put on the posters and heroine Ritu Verma’s photo is deleted. The role of the heroine in the film is not very important! She is a character who shines and fades like a lightning rod in between. Y. Ghee. Mahendran’s character is brilliant.

The typical screen play in time travel and science fiction movies, the scenes that make the brain work, the audience is also coming to the theaters fixated. But… there are no such scenes in ‘Mark Antony’. The director used time travel and science fiction elements mostly for comedy.

‘Mark Antony’ started shortly after the story, the story was told by humorously and SJ Surya took over. Every time he comes on screen, he gets a fun workout in the scenes. Punchy dialogues explode. Vishal till the interval, S.J. Surya combination scenes are also good. The audience is transported into Antony’s world as the comedy is accompanied by the background music of GV Prakash Kumar. Will travel to some extent. The movie moves forward with fun. After rest the cart moves forward very heavily.

Time travel genre movies mean repeat scenes naturally! After the interval, the repeat scenes in ‘Mark Antony’ became too much. The story does not move forward. Comedy didn’t work out either. With that, the entertainment dose decreases… the confusion stage starts. When it finally arrived, they were made to wait for the end. Love stories with Ritu Varma got in the way of the original story.

Background music by Jeeves Prakash dominates the film from the start. Retro theme re-recorded well done. But… even that background music seemed routine when it finally came. Cinematography, production values ​​are ok. The action scenes seemed routine.

What’s Good

What’s Bad

Bottom line: ‘Mark Antony’ is a film made in the background of time travel, science fiction. Fun my first half…confusing second half as we don’t know what we are watching on screen…SJ dominated the story. As an actor, Vishal is convinced of diversity. To some extent comedy is laughable. To laugh for a while, S.J. Go for Surya acting without any expectations.


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