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‘Malli Pelli’ Is A Bold Film: M.S. Raju

‘Malli Pelli’ Is A Bold Film: M.S. Raju

Producer M.S. Raju known for his films ‘Varsham’, ‘Nuvvastanante Nenodantana’ and others is now coming up with ‘Malli Pelli’ starring senior actor V.K. Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh.

The film is going to hit the screens on May 26 and the team believes it will create sensation in Tollywood for the content it portrays. Going by the trailers, the real life incidents surrounding the couple V.K. Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh take a centre stage in the film too. It can be seen as an attempt to normalise love among elderly people.  

The team spoke at a promotional event recently.

Director M.S. Raju said Malli Pelli is definitely a bold story and it is not entirely fictional. One should watch it on the screen to more about the film’s connect with real life incidents. 

Actor Naresh said he wanted to act in M.S. Raju’s movies when he was a producer and got a chance to act along side Jayasudha in Vaana. The film will burst like an atombomb on May 26. It is such an intense film, he said. 

Pavitra Lokesh said acting was her dream and with this film she would start a new life. She said she lost her parents in childhood and faced many odds until she had the backing of Naresh. We have the blessings of Vijaya Nirmala garu. 

Senior actress Annapurnamma said she liked the film’s title very much. There are instances where even 90 year old individuals get married. The reason for this is being unable to stay alone. The current generation people first live in and then get married, getting married is inevitable, she said.

Lyricist Ananth Sriram, music director Suresh Bobbil, director and actor Venkatesh Maha, actress Vanitha Vijaykumar and others participated in the meet.

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