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“Malle Mogga” is a self-produced film directed by Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao and starring Arjun Tej, Varshini, Maunika Hero and Heroines under the banner of HR Productions. The shooting of the film has recently been completed. YSR was the chief guest at the event. CP MLC Thota Trimurthulu released the movie trailer, while renowned directors Chandramahesh, producer Thota Subbarao, director and producer Dachepalli Srinivasu unveiled the movie audio. Afterwards at a press conference set up by the film unit

The garden trinity who came as the chief guest said .. The title of “Malle Mogga” is very good. The trailer and songs of this movie are very good. He is now producing and directing the film on his own. Venkata Nageswara Rao, who is coming forward with a good story like Malle Mogga, said, “I sincerely hope that this film will be a great success.

Leading director Chandra Mahesh says .. Mallemogga trailer and songs are very good. There is also good emotion in the trailer. The movie with the title “Mallemogga” came in the past and it was a super hit. I sincerely wish this “Malle Mogga” movie a great success like those movies.

Leading actors Prasanna said .. Tyler is a very good gardener. My father’s gardener Ram Mohan Rao is a great director. The last film he made was “Lechindi Mahila Lokam”. All the current directors have worked with him as assistant directors. Now their son Tota has been in the industry for many years and has directed many serials. Although he has directed many films, he has not made a name for himself in those films. Said wanting to achieve

Tota Subbarao, Vice Chairman, Human Rights, said, “Our brother worked very hard for this film. The film was made by observing Prem to Frame. He is making a film with a good story, asking the audience to support him. I have done three films so far. Now we are planning to make a film with our Anna. The script is ready. We will inform about this film soon. Our elder brother said that he sincerely wants the jasmine bud film to be a great success.

Nagraj said that he liked the story told by Thota Nageswararao better than the presenters. The whole story is also new.

Filmmaker and producer Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao said that even though our cousin’s garden trinity was very busy politically, they came and released our trailer. Our thanks to them. Also on behalf of our film unit I would like to thank all the directors Chandra Mahesh, Dachepalli Srinivas, actors Prasanna and my well wishers who came to support us. I have worked with about 26 directors like Kodi Ramakrishna and Krishnavanshi. Also assisted in many films starring Bhanu Chander. I worked as a director and co-director and worked as a director for 16 mega serials. I am making this film by writing a good story after Bhanuchander told me why I was wasting my talent. I am making this film by selling the house that came to my wife for this film. This is a movie with good content rather than a full sentimental movie commercial. The film is definitely a nominee for the Nandi Award, in which Bhanu Chander is the best character. The songs in it are the highlight. The film came out very well with the good support of all the actors and technicians. I sincerely wish all of you to support and bless this film.

Producer Thota Nageswara Rao ..It is a hit movie with a good title and good content. I sincerely want him to make more films.

Producer and director Dachepalli Srinivas said. After a long time, Thota Nageswara Rao made a film with the good title “Mallemogga” away from commercial films. Is awesome on his screen. He wants the story to come out well. He said that the film he is making should be a great success.

Actor Kota Shankar Rao says .. Director
Nageshwara Rao has known for the last 15 years. I have seen closely how hard he works.

Hero Arjun Tej says .. This is my first film. We worked very hard to make this film. The movie Out Foot also got a lot better. This is a movie that everyone from children to adults will watch together .Everyone who has seen this movie will definitely enjoy it. I never learned acting anywhere. But you will appreciate the dance I did in it .I dance to the lyrics written by our grandfather and I feel that acting under our uncle’s direction is the same as making me a hundred movies. This is what I call hot full. I wholeheartedly want everyone to embrace and bless our upcoming film

Actor Pilla Prasad says..I did a good character in this movie. The Telugu film industry will be good if the short film survives.

Senior actress Devisree said..I have made a good character in my career. I know how hard it is for a director to make this movie and this movie should be well received by all audiences. Nandi said he is confident of getting the award for this story.

Heroine Maunika Reddy says .. Thank you to the producers for giving me the opportunity in such good movies

Yet all the participants in the event said that they sincerely want the film to be a great success.

Arjun Tej, Varshini, Maunika, Bhanuchander, Prasad Babu, Kota Shankar Rao, Pilla Prasad, Devisree, Chatrapati Shekhar etc.

Submission: Kanna Nagraj Presents
Banner: HR Productions
Image: Jasmine bud
Story, Screenplay, Producer, Director: Thota Venkata Nageswara Rao
D OP: Dandapani
Music Director: A R Sunny, Satya Somesh
Editor: Vamsi Nellore
Dialogues: Mukta Varalakshmi
Art Director: Kumar
Choreography: JoJo
Fights: Action Ahmed, Ravi
PRO: Veerababu

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