Kiran Abbavaram’s Heli … ‘song release on’ Sebastian PC524 ‘

Kiran Abbavaram’s Heli … ‘song release on’ Sebastian PC524 ‘

Tollywood always says welcome to talent. Kiran Abbavaram is a boy who has content with the movie ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’ which was introduced as the protagonist. After that he received another solid success with ‘SR Kalyanamandapam’. Class – Mass, Youth – Family … have a good reputation among audiences from all walks of life. Now getting ready to receive a hat trick hit. Coming to the front of the audience with ‘Sebastian PC524’.

The latest movie starring Kiran Abbavaram as the protagonist is ‘Sebastian PC 524’. Komali Prasad and Nuveksha (Namrata Darekar) are the heroines. Produced by Siddhareddy B, Jayachandra Reddy, Raju, Pramod under the banner of Jovita Cinemas presented by Elite Entertainment. Directed by Balaji Sayyapureddy. The film is being released worldwide by Prime Show Entertainment. The song ‘Heli …’ was released in the movie today.

The heroine in the movie is Nuveksha named Heli. It’s a love song between the hero and her. Kapil Kapilan sang in Gibran music.
‘Nee Maata VInte Radha Maimarape…
Nee Peru Ante Radha Maimarape … ‘said Sanapati Bhardwaj who wrote the song. The songs of the film are being released by Aditya Music.

The film opens against the backdrop of Reiki. The furious hero gets a job as a police constable. How did he do his night time duty? What are the problems caused by Rechikati? Seems to be the storyline of the movie.

Kiran Abbavaram, Komali Prasad, Nuveksha (Namrata Darekar), Srikanth Iyengar, Surya, Rohini Raghuvaran, Adarsh ​​Balakrishna, George, Surya, Mahesh Vitta, Ravi Teja, Raj Vikram, Lata, Ishan, Rajesh etc. played the lead roles in ‘Sebastian PC524’.

PRO: Surendrakumar Naidu – Fani Kandukuri (Beyond Media), Digital Partner: Ticket Factory, Publicity Design: Chavan Prasad, Stills: Kundan – Shiva, Sound: Sync Cinemas Sachin Sudhakaran, Costumes: Rebecca – Ayesha Mariam, Fights: , CG: Veera, DI: Raju, Composition: Viplav Nyasadam, Art: Kiran Mango, Cinematography: Raj K. Nalli, Executive Producer: K.L. Madan, Presented by: Elite Entertainments, Production Company: Jovita Cinemas, Music: Gibran, Producers: Siddhareddy B, Jayachandra Reddy, Pramod, Raju, Story – Direction: Balaji Sayyapureddy.

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