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J.C Chandraiah and Vakula Bharanam Krishna Mohan released the audio of “History of Karmayogi Sri Dharma Vyadu”

J.C Chandraiah and Vakula Bharanam Krishna Mohan released the audio of “History of Karmayogi Sri Dharma Vyadu”

In the third age, in the city of Mithila in Janakapuram, a devotee of Srihari “Sri Dharma Vyadhu” used to sell the meat brought by the hunters and feed the blind parents. Kaushik is very proud of his power of penance. The story of “Karmayogi Sri Dharma Vyadu” is the story of a great man who told his parents about the greatness of their vision.

Produced by Ulkande Kar Muralidhar under the banner of Sri Durga Bhavani Creations and presented by Bhogi Kar Shyamala Jammu Raja. The film is directed by G.S. The film, starring Ashok Kumar, Anand Bharathi and V. Muralidhar, was celebrated at the Prasad Lab in Hyderabad in the presence of film and political personalities. Chandraya, BC Corporation Chairman Vakula Bharanam Krishna Mehan and Daivajna Sharma released the audio of “History of Karmayogi Sri Dharma Vyadu” while producers Sai Venkat, Ram Satya Narayana, Navyandhra Pradesh Film Chamber President YVN Rao, Venkateshwara Raju, Natikar Ravi, B.C. Corporation members Upendra, Santa Kumari, B. Narsingh Rao, Netikar Srinivas, Anusha, actor Srinivas, Rajesh, Bhagyalakshmi and others released the songs for the film. Afterwards at a press conference set up by the film unit.

BC Corporation Chairman Vakula Bharanam Krishna Mehan said ..

Thanks to Muralidhar Rao Gariki for coming forward with the aim of re-presenting the orthodox Indian culture and society once again, provided by many greats in this country. In our Dharma, in our Sanskrit, there is an immortal spiritual fragrance hidden. Our India is a country that has traditionally preached great virtue to this world. In the sciences it can be medical science, general science, logic, philosophy..but .. we can still proudly say that our India is like a world leader. Then God, who says that I will be born and protect that virtue, is emerging in the human form in the society in some form and preserving the orthodox dharma .. Dharma diseases may be a profession like selling professional meat but .. constantly chanting the name of Sri Mannarayana as a gossip .. listening .. to lead the society towards virtue The work they have done is noble and sublime. It is as if we have such a power that we can still remember it today. Ivalty movies, music, western trends, we keep watching today. But .. if we protect Dharma by taking a slogan like Dharmo Rakshita Rakshita: with the perspective that Dharma protects us, the directors are very happy to bring before us the biographies of Sri Dharma diseases like GJ Raja who is a Karmayogi today .. It needs to be practiced on all of us Is. The Mahabharata, the Mahabhagavatam, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, the epics, the greatness of Lord Rama in many different ways, the Sadhu Pungavas continue to guide us towards the path. But even in these days when such films are being made, the greatness of those who are sick of virtue in society, the virtue of practicing virtue, the virtue of practicing, the old age homes are on the rise wherever they go in today’s society. Parents are losing the status quo of respect. Staying in a house .. Parents and children cook and eat separately. We are all proud to say that the great human figure who preaches that there is a human service hidden in the service of the parents is the one who has the dharma diseases, where there is genius, virtue, integrity. Practices itself. The insults that are happening to parents today are leaving the parents in the air. While the saints were prophesying, Aha Swami told them how great they were about Rama and how well they understood the meaning of the verses in the Bhagavad Gita about the meaning of the verses in the Bhagavad Gita. No matter how much we changed when we were kids .. no matter how much trouble we had .. did the parents who listened to the songs Chandamama Rave .. Jabilli Rave .. climb on the bosom bother us today .. do these extreme trends need to go in the society or .. Working Women, Working Men in hostels are different The number of old age homes is on the rise today. Do we see today as parents who have worked hard to educate us, sacrificed their lives, sacrificed their lives and sent us abroad to live a high standard of living? Many adults and my friends who are working for Sanatana Dharma Kalyanam are very happy to come to this event. I sincerely wish all of you that we can go out with such morality and make this film a great success.

Human Rights Chairman JC Chandraya said that the history of backward castes is “the history of Karmayogi Sri Dharmavyadhu”. The economic sector is very important in human fields. There are many types of stories in the community. You can select such stories and move forward financially. But he thanked the director and producer for selecting the story “History of Karmayogi Sri Dharmavyadhu” which conveys our ignorance about human society. Human life is based on cultural, social, economic and political factors. The same human race. What the human race needs is knowledge that is humane values. In contrast, any knowledge that underestimates a man by any means is shown under ignorance but not under knowledge. It needs to be understood. What human society needs to recognize today is that the days are coming when all human beings will realize the truth that they belong to the same race. Proof of that is what happened in the meantime as we erected a statue of Ramanuja who was born 1000 years ago and his name has been ringing around the world for the past few days. He was a great equal who established a sense of equality. Right now the world is moving towards equality. The matter of knowing the uniqueness of equality is imminent.

The cinematic stage in India was the silent movies from 1890 to 1920, the films like Talkies from 1930 to 940, the Golden Age from the 1940s to the 60s, the perfect nature of the artist and the films that made the Telugu nation look like fine gold. There was also the feeling that the children were getting spoiled. That feeling will still continue Many changes are coming in such situations. Mothers and fathers expect good children, job bosses expect good employees, and those in politics expect good leaders. This is why the word good comes about because evil exists. In similar circumstances
It is appreciated to present this “History of Dharma Diseases” to the Telugu people who are as spiritual as historical. It needs to be read not only through a movie but also through books.
Premamurthy said that it is very much appreciated to tell the world the history of such a fine service figure.

Theologian Daivagna Sharma says that Indians are poor but pure, especially those who disregard the orthodox spread of the orthodox dharma. Ishwar congratulated the producers for making the film with such a good proverb that he is a supernatural being and said that the film should be a great success.

Filmmaker Ulkande Kar Muralidhar said, “We are very happy that so many adults have come to release our audio. Director GJ. This story written by Raja 10 years ago has been heard by many. After hearing this story, Ramanayudu came forward to take it. In it he ascended. Naki was telling the story after asking so many people like this. I grew up watching devotional films by senior actors NT Rama Rao and Nageswara Rao since I was a child. It took us three years to make this movie. Currently a film is completed in two months but as we have come forward with the aim of re-presenting the orthodox Indian culture to the society, the film has been painstakingly shot by carefully examining each and every one of them, selecting the appropriate sites, temples and temples of the time. The actors and technicians in our film all worked very hard. Sai Garu and Kavuri Srinivasa Rao Garu supported Macken. All the actors acted very well and Ashok Kumar’s acting is the highlight in this movie. The film is so great because of him. We toured all over the state and released posters about our film promotion and we received a great response from all over the world and everyone blessed you. Today we are very happy to release the audio of our film in the presence of such adults. He also said that he wants the film to be a great success, which is now being celebrated under his auspices

Director GJ Raja said that the film was made to inform the people about the greatness of Dharmavyadhu. Virtues The subtle virtues are not only conveyed to everyone but also to his own children. For example, a few days after sending his own daughter to be married, he comes to the parents and says insultingly that your father is a butcher. He told his parents that he could not stay in their house one day without respecting his father, and then we died when those sick people married his daughter any day and handed over our daughter to be your daughter from now on. How long do you see your mother and father when you are close to them? A lonely woman is hated for not being valued in this society. The castes were born after the birth of the professions but not before the castes. Castes are formed according to what occupations people perform. There is nothing wrong with any profession but the name of Srimannarayana should not be forgotten. Thanks to the producer for giving me the opportunity to make such a history of theirs into a film. So I wholeheartedly want everyone to embrace and bless our film.

Music director Lakshmana Sai said .. I am very happy that so many adults have come to bless us. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to provide music for such a good story that says we are all human. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such an opportunity. They worked so hard for this film.

Senior actor Ashok Kumar says .. In the current situation, making a film is a sacrifice. It is a great sacrifice to make a film like that. I have done very few negative characters in my life. I have done such a good character in it.

Hero Vijay Bhaskar said, “I have done many films. However, I would like to thank the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to act in such a good spiritual film that gives a good message to the society.”

The heroine Anusha said. No one would dare to film a story that happened a few thousand years ago. But our producers came forward to make this film with great courage. I am very happy to have acted in such a mythological film. The director said thank you to the producers for giving us the opportunity to do in such good movies.

Songwriter Kavuri Srinivasu says .. Apart from writing songs for such a great spiritual film, the songs I wrote were composed by legendary music directors K.S.Y.S.P. I will never forget Bala Subrahmanyam singing in my life. Thank you to the director and producer for giving me such a good opportunity.

Netikar Srinivas said .. This is what I am doing as the Chief Minister. He said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to act in such a good film. I would like to thank them for coming up with the idea of ​​making such a great film.”

Producers Ram Satya Narayana and Sai Venkat say … I am very happy that such good songs are coming at a time when songs with literary value are disappearing. The songs in it are very good. All the actors acted very well. The director and the producers worked very hard to make such a film. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

B.C. Corporation member Upendra said, “Watching this trailer gives the feeling of watching an Annamayya, Bhakta Ramadasu, Panduranga Mahathyam movies. No need to study. Respect comes through a work.” All the best to all the film unit who have been working hard to convey to the world the “history of Karmayogi Sri Dharma disease” as told by Chatty.

Also Venkateswara Raju, Nithikar Ravi,, Santa Kumari, B.Narsingh Rao, actor Srinivas, Rajesh, Bhagyalakshmi etc. said that the film should be a great success.

Vijay Bhaskar, Anusha, Ashok Kumar, Anand Bharathi, V. Muralidhar, Kavuri Srinivasu, Prabhavati, Anusha Reddy, Ramya, Lavanya, Shyam Sunder, Sai Raja Gogi Kar, Lakshmana, Jaya, Master Ayushman, Master Mani Kirana, Master Mani Teja , Baby Sri Vidya et al

Submission: Bhogi Kar Shyamala Jammu Raja
Courtesy Real Estate Unit
Banner: Sri Durgabhavani Creations
Cinema: History of Karmayogi Sri Dharmavyadhu
Producer: Ulkande Car Muralidhar
Assistant Producer: Goda Venkata Krishna Rao
Story Design Screenplay Directed by: GJ Raja
Singers: SP Balasubramanian, Lakshmana Sai, Sudhir, Lakmi Vinayaka
Camera: P. Divaraj
Music: Lakshmana Sai, Lakshmi Vinayak, Sanjeev Kumar Mogeti
P.R.O .: Murthy

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