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It was a fantastic experience working with Balakrishna sir. Pragya

Pragya Jaiswal is looking forward to the December 2 release of ‘Akhanda.’ The actress discusses her role, working with Nandamuri Balakrishna and director Boyapati Sreenu, upcoming projects, and more in this interview.

Pragya Jaishwal
Pragya Jaishwal

I only wanted a chance to start my acting career when I first decided to pursue it. I am thankful that I am able to pursue my passion. Being in front of the camera is something I really enjoy doing. In every journey, there are ups and downs.

It was a fantastic experience working with Balakrishna sir. This is the 106th picture of Balakrishna sir. Initially, I believed it would be difficult for someone like myself, who is still relatively new. I’d seen him a few times at award ceremonies. He immediately made me feel at ease the moment I arrived onto the set. He has a youthful and energising energy. You are not intimidated by him. I haven’t worked with anyone who is that upbeat and lively throughout the project. He exudes a cheerful personality. He is an excellent listener. He is inspirational in every manner, including the way he treats others.

I got a total makeover in ‘Akhanda.’ I’ve put forth a lot of effort. I’m hoping it came out okay in translation. The ‘Kanche’ Pragya, or any other old Pragya, is not featured in the film.

After the pandemic, I believe it is time for a new beginning. I approached Akhanda as if it were my first film. Like a good student, I went to set. I paid close attention to the scenes. Every day on set, there was some sort of learning going on. 

Akhanda is a one-of-a-kind character. I’ve never seen a character like this before in any language. It’s a character with a lot of personality. Balakrishna sir has performed at a higher level. He shot all day and had superhuman energy levels. 

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