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It is very difficult for me to be sexy

Actress Samantha shared on her social media that “being sexy” is a very difficult task for her. Samantha shared a still from the song Oo Antawa Oo Oo Antawa which appeared in Allu Arjun Pushpa. The social media platform wrote, “I played well, I had negative roles, comedy, I was serious, I chatted. . Even the show host. I work hard to excel in everything I do but looking sexy is the next level difficult task.

#ooantavaooooantava Thank you for the love.”

Samantha was also congratulated by fellow actresses

Several actors expressed their admiration for Samantha in the comment section. Bahubali star Tamanna wrote, “Awesome”, Malvika Mohanan commented, “And how you excelled in that too!

Samantha also posted a post praising Allu Arjun’s performance in Pushpa. She wrote, “The show that hooks you up. Was every second. I always get inspired when an actor is good enough not to look away. alluarjunonline It’s in flower for me. The shoulder bent to one side from the accent and cursed that God. Fu .. absolutely amazing .. really inspiring. ”Arjun thanked her and said,“ Thank you for your heartfelt congratulations dear. Touched. ”

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