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It is a great thing that there is an equal priority for five women in each frame – Actress Urvashi

It is a great thing that there is an equal priority for five women in each frame – Actress Urvashi

Young and Happening Hero Sharwanand starrer Out and Out Family Entertainer Women Are Your Johars. Rashmi Mandanna is the heroine. Radhika, Urvashi and Khushbu played key roles. Sudhakar Cherukuri, who is known as a producer with good taste under the banner of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas, is producing this feel good entertainer. The makers are planning to release the film on February 25. Nati Urvashi spoke to the media on the occasion. Those news ..

The title of Johars for you ladies is very positive. Seeing the title, it means that it is a movie that is preferred by women. Another important point is that it is a great thing to give equal priority to five women in each frame. Nowhere is it said that one is more than one is less. There will be modest importance. It is rare for a script like this to come out.

The hero in this movie has five mothers. There is a little more love and attachment in it, why is that? Who is that mother? Is evident in the film. It is very interesting how the hero persuaded five mothers with different opinions to marry his girlfriend.

I have already acted in many movies with Radhika and Khushbu Gari. Making decisions as Radhika’s character matures is like saying good and bad to everyone. I’m very emotional and mostly talkative when it comes to my character. I have the flexibility to take my opinion on everything. I think my decision should be final in everyone. I’m not sure what to do if I do not like it. How they are refined is important.

Sharwanand, I starred in the movie Express Raja. Very good artist. Rashmi also looked very nice. The shooting went smoothly because it was very difficult to come up with such a combination again. It is a great thing for a director to make a film with so many artists. The producers provided full support. Six schedules were shot. Everyone enjoyed it so much.

This is a movie that everyone will watch together after Corona. It has all the elements of comedy and romance. Definitely appeals to audiences of all walks of life. Be sure to check out the movie on February 25th.

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