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Inspector Rishi at Prime Video Unveils

Prime Video Unveils Gripping Trailer for Tamil Original Series ‘Inspector Rishi’ at Prime Video Presents Event

Prime Video has unveiled an intense trailer for its highly anticipated Tamil Original horror crime drama series, “Inspector Rishi,” at the prestigious Prime Video Presents event in India. Created by Nandhini JS, the series stars actor Naveen Chandra in the lead role, supported by a talented ensemble cast including Sunainaa, Kanna Ravi, Malini Jeevarathnam, Srikrishna Dayal, and Kumaravel. Scheduled for an exclusive premiere on Prime Video in India and across 240 countries and territories on March 29, the ten-episode series promises to captivate audiences with its spine-chilling storyline.

The trailer immerses viewers in the picturesque landscapes of a Tamil Nadu village, adorned with lush greenery and exotic wildlife. However, the tranquil ambiance takes a sinister turn as mysterious deaths haunt the community. Inspector Rishi, a skeptical law enforcement officer, joins forces with sub-inspectors Ayyanar and Chitra to unravel the dark secrets lurking within the forest and uncover the truth behind the inexplicable occurrences. As they delve deeper into the investigation, the trio confronts not only personal challenges but also supernatural forces that push their resilience and capabilities to the brink.

Naveen Chandra, portraying Inspector Rishi, remarked on the transformative experience of embodying the character, stating, “It was both challenging and rewarding to step into the shoes of Inspector Rishi. The series allowed me to delve into the complex layers of a police inspector’s persona, breathing new life into the character.” He expressed his excitement for the series, highlighting it as his second collaboration with Prime Video and expressing hope that audiences will be enthralled by the mysterious world of “Inspector Rishi.”

Sunainaa, who essays the role of Kathy, a forest officer, shared her exhilaration about portraying the character, stating, “I am thrilled to bring Kathy’s character to life in ‘Inspector Rishi.’ The creators have meticulously crafted her persona, and I resonated deeply with her characteristics.” She praised the collaborative atmosphere on set and expressed gratitude towards Nandhini JS and Prime Video for the enriching experience. Sunainaa expressed optimism that viewers will be transported into a realm filled with nature, tranquility, and compelling mysteries through “Inspector Rishi.”

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