Induvadana Movie Review

Induvadana Movie Review

Varun Sandesh’s Induvadana is the same old romantic drama.


Vasu (Varun Sandesh) is a forest officer who falls in love with Indu, a tribal girl (Farzana Shetty). With the passing of time, even Indu approves of Vasu’s love. When everything seems to go well, Indu is unexpectedly killed. Who was responsible for Indu’s death? What is Vasu’s next move? What role do tribes play in this plot? Watch the movie to find out the answers. 

Positive points- 

Varun Tej returned to the cinema after a long absence. He performs well in the film’s romantic and spooky scenes. Farzana, the heroine, looked impressive in her bold parts and exuded good glamor. In the second half, a few emotions were well-executed.

The numerous sacrifices are made out of love, and the manner in which they are delivered seem to be pleasant. After a long time, Ali was perceived in a good role. Raghu Babu too did a great job in his supporting role. The story’s underlying emotional thread seemed to be strong. 

Negative Points- 

Although the actual story is wonderful, the narration is mediocre. Certain crucial scenes are portrayed in an overly cinematic style. There was plenty of opportunity for the drama to be amplified, but this did not happen in both halves. 

The film’s pace is also lethargic, and it takes an eternity to get into the major plot. Also, the screenplay isn’t very good. The picture has emotions, but they don’t connect you very well and make you look pallid whenever they’re needed. 

Technical Aspects-

The film’s production quality is good. Although the music is excellent, the BGM could have been better. The camera work, as well as the production design, was exceptional. The editing was good, but the storyline was terrible. When it comes to MSR, he took an intense story and failed to elevate it dramatically. 

Final Verdict- 

Overall, Induvadana has a good backdrop and great performances. However, the narration is flat and the plodding pace quickly deflates the audience’s mood. Varun Sandesh must choose a good film to make his comeback. 


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