I played a challenging role in ‘Ugram’: Mirna Menon

I played a challenging role in ‘Ugram’: Mirna Menon

Allari Naresh and Vijay Kanakamedala who gave a successful movie with ‘Nandi’ are coming with another unique and intense movie ‘Ugram’. The film is produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Pedi Grand under Shine Screens banner.

Myrna Menon plays the female lead. Already the promotional content has raised the expectations on the rage with tremendous response. Mirna Menon shared the special features of ‘Ugram’ in a press conference in the background of the film’s upcoming release on May 5.

Tell us about your journey? How did you get into the ‘Ugram‘ project?
I am a developer. I worked as an engineer in Dubai. Later I came to Kerala and worked. But I like movies since childhood. I wanted to become an actor. One day I got a call from director Aamir. I got a chance to act with Arya in Tamil. That’s how my acting career started. Later I did Superstar Mohanlal’s ‘Big Brother’. Lock down came at the same time. After this I did ‘Crazy Fellow’. After this, an opportunity came in Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Jailor’. While it was in the first schedule, Ugram director Vijay contacted him. That’s how I came into this project.

What is the importance of your role in the story of Ugram?
My role is full in this. Along with Naresh, my character also travels in the story. I am very happy to get a role where I can act.

How was it working with Naresh?
Naresh is very cool. Both comedy and serious roles are handled brilliantly. Gestures are expressed with the eyes. Great costar. It was a great experience working with Naresh.

Did you shoot mostly at night in Ugram?
We shot night for 55 days in a working call sheet of 75 days. We did a continuous 15-day night shoot for 48 hours without a break. It’s a different experience. We shot in heavy rain and dust on the highway.We did some real stunts. The car accident scene shown in the trailer is a real stunt. It seemed too risky. Naresh also got scratches. Uhau, who played Papa in this, also did a wonderful job.

What was it like working on the production of Shine Screens?
I saw Shine Screens movie Majili. Liked it a lot. Very good producers. Producers who want to make good movies. The anger was not compromised anywhere. Shine Screens are the best producers I have worked with.

Your new projects?
There is a movie directed by Aamir with the story of Vetrimaran. I am doing another film in Malayalam.

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