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I did a challenging role in ‘Ravanasura’ : Megha Akash

I did a challenging role in ‘Ravanasura’ : Megha Akash

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s most awaited edge-of-the-seat crime action thriller ‘Ravanasura’. Directed by Sudhir Varma, the film is produced by Abhishek Nama and Ravi Teja Grand under Abhishek Pictures, RT Teamworks. Hero Sushant played a key role. This film has already set huge expectations with the teaser and trailer. Harshavardhan Rameshwar and Bhims Cicerolio composed the music and all the songs of this film became chart busters. Megha Akash, one of the heroines of Ravanasura, shared the features of the film in a press conference in the background of the release of the film as a summer special on April 7.

Tell us about your role in Ravanasura?
Director Sudhir Verma gave a rule to all our team. They said not to reveal about the story of this movie but about the characters in it. That’s why I can’t say much about my role in it. In this I look like a rich, classy girl. That’s all I can say. You have to watch the movie to know the rest.

How did Ravanasura come into the project?
Sudhir Verma told this story. I liked the story very much. But my role is challenging. It’s a different role for me. Such a role has not been done till now. I decided to take this challenge. After a couple of days I said OK.

What is the challenge in your role?
I have a very interesting role in this. A character with all variations, comedy, intense.. There are some scenes in it. Such scenes are new to me. That seemed like a challenge. I am the key character in this story. The whole journey was very enjoyable.

How was working with Ravi Teja?
Ravi Teja is a big star. Being such a big star, if I find any scene difficult on the set, they wait for me. Dialogues are practiced. His words in the break are very sensible. I learned many things from Ravi Teja. It was a great experience working with him.

What attracted you to this story?
The whole story seemed very new. Loved the story line. It is very different. It was a surprise that a big hero did this story.

What to say about Ravanasura in one line?
The title says ‘Heroes don’t exist’. That is the most important point in this.

What can the audience expect from Ravanasura?
There are many twists and turns in ‘Ravanasura’. There is a surprise at every turn. All the audience will surely feel the thrill.

Faria, Pujita, Daksha, Anu ..are also present in Ravanasura. How is your combination with them?

I have combination scenes with Faria and Poojita.

How was it working with Sudhir Varma?
Sudhir Verma is very confident. He is very clear about what he wants. He has a lot of patience and tolerance. While shooting with Ravi Teja on the first day, I did not get the dialogues right. Sudhir Verma came to me and told me to relax and give him enough time. After a while I learned again. He gives a lot of comfort zone to an actor.

Which song do you like?
The song is loved in a thousand districts.

About the makers of Ravanasura
Abhishek Pictures, RT Team Works are great producers. A lot of care was taken. Everything is provided.

Which heroes do you want to work with in Telugu?
Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan, Jr. NTR… I want to work with all of them.

New movies to be made
There is a film with Vijay Antony. I am also doing a film in my mother’s submission. Even listening to some stories in Telugu.

All the best

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