Hello Meera… One And Half Hour Adventure: Director Srinivas

Hello Meera… One And Half Hour Adventure: Director Srinivas

Lengthy dialogues, attractive duets, mass-appealing fight scenes… These are the things we least expect in a movie. But on the contrary, making a film with only a single character without any fights and duets is a great adventure. No director can come forward to make such a film unless he has a lot of courage and faith in the story. But director Kakarla Srinivas is all set to prove what he is capable of, as he dared to come up with an experimental concept for his debut movie.

Cinema means madness and nostalgia… No one may know Kakarla Srinivas for whom cinema is life. He gets the credit of being behind the scenes and bringing many films to the shores of success. Kakarla Srinivas, who worked as an associate director under the legendary director Bapu, followed him like a shadow till the last film of the latter. Sharing his ideas with Bapu Garu, he was part of some great films.

Utilizing all his experience, Kakarla Srinivas made a film called Hello Meera to show all his expertise. He is set to entertain the audience with only one character. Though he doesn’t have enough budget, director Srinivas penned a different story and is coming up with a movie with a catchy title Hello Meera.

It’s not easy to emote all the emotions with one character. But Kakarla Srinivas made such an experimental film with his immense faith in his story. He is set to thrill the audience with unexpected twists in a unique story.

Although you just see a single character Meera on the screen, all the characters that are heard will come to your mind, including love, friendship, taking blows for friends, quarrels in the media conference, rowdies, brawls, breaking news in the TV, everything will move in front of you, thanks to audio-visual technology.

Director Kakarla Srinivas, who made a great impression with the posters and videos is releasing this movie on April 21st. Some celebrities who have already watched the final copy of this movie are praising the wonderful taking of Kakarla Srinivas. When people assume cinema is all about commercial elements, those who watched the movie call Hello Meera a great film and opine it will give the audience a completely different experience.

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