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‘Half Stories’ to be released on January 7..!

Different Concept Movie ‘Half Stories’ to be Released on January 7

Today’s directorial producers are making good hits by choosing the variety of films that the audience likes. This variation is mostly seen in small budget films. ‘Half Stories’ is a movie that has a good storyline in the background. The film is being directed by Shiva Varaprasad K. Produced by Sudhakar Reddy. Rajeev, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Rakendu Mouli and Kancharapalem Raju are playing the lead roles in this movie which is coming in Baby Lalitya offering. It is a privilege to play the guest role of a famous hero in this movie which features music by Koti. The film is all set to release on January 7.

Speaking on the occasion, director Shiva Varaprasad K said, “We are releasing the movie Half Stories on January 7 with a different concept. Surely this movie will impress the audience. We worked very hard to make this film. The film manages to entertain the audience with a different concept. He said he hopes everyone will see this movie.

Producer M. Sudhakar Reddy said .. There was a good response to the movie updates. We are confident that the same response will come to the film as well. January 7 This movie is coming to everyone. This movie will entertain all of you. The director shot the film with a good story. Koti music is the highlight of the movie. Said.

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