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Gopichand-Sreevas will get hat-trick hit with ‘Rama Banam’: MP Margani Bharat

Gopichand-Sreevas will get hat-trick hit with ‘Rama Banam MP Margani Bharat

Authored by Team Moviesarkar Updated Apr 21, 2023, 12:10pm

*’Rama Banam’ is also a good family entertainer, like the films ‘Mashyam’ and ‘Laukyam’: Protagonist Gopichand

*Grand Rama Banam trailer release ceremony

*The film team expressed confidence in the film’s success

MP Margani Bharat said, “Whatever film is celebrated in our Rajahmundry, it will be a success. This is a sentiment. The combination of Gopichand garu and Srivas have got two hits namely Mishim and Laukyam. I want to get a hat trick with this movie. I am happy that this celebration is happening in Rajahmundry. Many movies are being shot in the surrounding areas.We will go with Ali’s elder brother and talk to the Chief Minister and try to bring a good studio in Rajahmundry. Wishing that the film industry’s association with Rajahmundry will continue like this… I wish all the best to the team of Rambanam,” he said.

Protagonist Gopichand said.. “Most of the films I acted in were shot in Rajahmundry. Two years ago the shooting of Citimar was also done here. Bharat garu helped me a lot at that time. Also special thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to celebrate this ceremony here today. He has become a good political leader.. I also want to grow up to be a good hero.Talking about Rambanam… this is my third film with Vasu. Just like the movies Mishma and Laukyam.. this is also a good family entertainer. While watching the movie, it feels like a story happening in our house.You will watch this movie with so much immersion. Ali garu, my combination is very good. Our combination is entertaining in this movie too. With the support of Hayati, Jagapathi Babu and Kushboo, a good movie will come to you. Special thanks to Bhupathiraja for the story, Madhu for the dialogues and Abburi Ravi for the screenplay. Mickey J. Mayer gave very good songs.The main reason why this movie is so good is the producer Vishwaprasad and co-producer Vivek. The movie did very well. You will surely enjoy watching our movie this summer. I hope you will go to the theaters on May 5 and watch the movie. Special thanks to Balakrishna for naming this movie Rambanam.”

Actress Dimple Hayati said.. “NTR garu and Sai Dharam Tej garu used to tell us to be careful while traveling on the road. We knew its value when we reached our house. My grandfather met with an accident before I came here. He is safe now with all your blessings. Why am I saying all this? .. I lost some family members during covid.Everyone knew at that time that family ties are precious. Also in our movie it is about the bond of brothers and sisters. It has comedy and songs along with family bonding. Director Srivas makes the film paying attention to every little thing. Gopichand is a gentleman. Seeing him up close, I wondered if he would be this good.When I was doing Khiladi with Ravi Teja, producers Vishwaprasad and Vivek were telling me. Then he is also doing Dhamaka. I have never seen such good people. Now that I have done it at the People’s Media Factory, I know. I was treated like a girl of the house while shooting. I am very happy to do a film in this production. Everyone should go to the theaters on May 5 and watch this movie,” he said.

Famous actor Ali said, “It is a great pleasure to celebrate Rambanam in Rajahmundry. If Gopichand did 30 films, I acted with Gopichand in all the other films except for five. Gopichand was introduced as a hero with the film ‘Tholi Valapu’ directed by Mutyala Subbaiah. From there, he became a villain. His journey as a hero has crossed 20 years.This is the third film in Gopichand and Srivas combination.Srivas has done a wonderful movie. Rajahmundry’s love, affection, intimacy, affection is like this movie. I hope you all will watch this movie in theaters and enjoy it.”

Director of the film Srivas said.. “I like the people of Rajahmundry very much. I was born in Purushottapatnam, I studied and returned to Rajahmundry. It is also like my home town. I am happy that our film celebration is happening here. Thanks to MP Bharat Gari who came as the chief guest of this ceremony and wished me well.

How big a hit the movies of Mishim and Laukyam were..This Rambanam will also be a bigger hit. If you watch every scene of Jagapathi Babu and Gopichand in this movie, you will feel like they are really brothers. The bond between them is visible in the film. We have done very well in this movie about the family system and various emotions in the family.

In recent times, I have heard a lot from my friends and close friends.. They say that hit movies are coming, but there are no fun movies that everyone can watch together.Our film is such a film. The whole family can watch it together this summer.. This movie will not disappoint you. This movie will see next level success than all the movies Gopichand has done so far.

He worked hard for this film. He is very stylish in the movie. He has cultivated action, entertainment and emotion in a single film. Mickey J. The Mayor gave excellent music. Thanks to everyone who worked on this movie. On this occasion, I want to say a word about my family.

At a time when watching films with such family values ​​is becoming less and less in the society.. Before having such a mind set, we need to be in a good family system. I salute my father Oleti Gandhi who taught me such family values ​​from childhood. Little can be said about People Media Factory.
In the second half, the audience sheds tears after seeing some scenes. Balakrishna garu and Prabhas garu, who are positive persons, gave this movie the title Ramabanam. That’s why this film will move forward in such a positive way,” he said.

Co-producer Vivek Kuchibhotla said.. “Thanks to MP Bharat Gari for giving me the opportunity to celebrate in Rajahmundry first. The movie has turned out very well. After a long time, a movie is coming with good family emotions and good action. It is definitely coming in the summer season. It is a movie worth watching with the family. We hope to see

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