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Gangubhai story connects everyone – Alia Bhatt

Gangubhai story connects everyone – Alia Bhatt

It is learned that Alia Bhatt has played the title role in Bollywood Visionary Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ganguly Kathiawadi. The movie is being co-produced by Bollywood’s prestigious production house Penn Studios and Bhansali Productions. The film is set to release worldwide on February 25. What Aliabhat said on this occasion ..

Can I do it when Sanjay Saur offers me this role? I was so scared. When I was nine years old, I went to audition for the Sanjay Sir blockbuster movie. He looked at me and said that this is a heroine character smiling..same remembered. Although I shared my fear with Sanjay Sair. To which he said that I would take care of everything. That’s when I decided. What he says should be done ..

I’ll be a little thinner. My voice doesn’t even have that much base. For that I practiced Gujarati style modulation. I ate good food. Changing these two to suit the character seemed a bit challenging.

My dream is to do a film with Sanjay Sir. I would do it even if he was given a small role in the film. Working with him is once in a lifetime achievement.

I knew as soon as I stepped into the first time Kathiawadi set. That’s it. From there I slowly started to switch into that role. He is the one who made me completely Gangubhai
The character of Gangu Bhai haunted me even when I went home at one stage. All the credit for shaping Ganguly’s character goes to him.

This is the story of a fighter. Although Maybe O comes from a bad world, there is suffering, emotion, struggle all around. I hope this story connects to anyone.

Acting with Ajay Devgn is a wonderful feeling. He is a very good character. Gangubhai is a life-changing character. I also learned professionalism from him.

My dream is to become a Pan Indian Actress … Sridevi is my inspiration. I believe that language is not a barrier to nightmares.

తెలుగులో చదవండి

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