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Fans happy for superstar family pics

Fans happy for superstar family pics

Ajith is undoubtedly one of the most popular star heroes in Tamil Nadu. Ajith, who has superstar status, leads a very normal life. Bikes .. Bike rides are a favorite of Ajit who regularly rides his bikes and stays with everyone. There have been instances where he has traveled hundreds .. thousands of kilometers on bikes lavishly.

Telsinde is the subject of his bike ride from Hyderabad to Chennai alone during Corona. He has a huge craze not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Telugu states. We are watching his films being released in Telugu in large numbers. Even though he has not acted in Telugu movies, he has a good fan following here.

Heroes usually appear in front of a large number of people, even if only one white hair appears. They take care not to show any signs of their age. But Ajit is not like that. Looks very natural. Do not wear too much make-up even in movies. There are also movies in which he has acted with a white beard and white hair.

Ajit’s family photos are rarely seen on social media. Recently, family photos on the occasion of Ajith’s son Advik’s birthday went viral on social media. Ajith’s wife is former heroine Shalini. Ajith and Shalini have two children. Photos of the two children occasionally appear on social media but the four have never shared photos like this together.

This time, the whole family took a photo and shared it as if it was a feast for the eyes of Ajith fans. These photos and videos are going viral. Comments are coming in that the superstar is very happy to see the family like this.

Ajith recently appeared in the movie Valimai as a hero. The film was a great success. Tamil box office sources say that they are still making huge revenue of Rs 100 crore.

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