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Director Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Thrilled as ‘SIT’ Cracks ZEE 5 Top 5

Director Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy is basking in the success of his debut film ‘SIT’ (Special Investigation Team), currently trending in the top 5 on streaming platform ZEE5.

‘SIT’, a crime thriller starring Arvind Krishna and Natasha Doshi, released on ZEE5 on May 10th. The film’s gripping plot and suspenseful elements have captivated audiences, leading to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Reddy, overwhelmed by the film’s success, shared his journey and the challenges he faced in making the movie. Born and raised in Kadapa district, Reddy’s family instilled the importance of education, ensuring he wouldn’t face the struggles his father endured.

After graduation, Reddy pursued a career in film, working as an assistant and co-director for various projects for fifteen years. His passion for filmmaking was initially discouraged by his family, but with his brother’s unwavering support, he persevered.

‘SIT’ began as a collaborative effort funded by Reddy’s friends who believed the story had the potential for a film rather than a web series. Producers Nagi Reddy and Bal Reddy provided crucial encouragement throughout the project. Reddy also expressed his gratitude to producer Teja, Srinivas, Ramesh, and the entire cast and crew for their contributions.

‘SIT’ was specifically designed for an OTT release, and its arrival on ZEE5 has been met with enthusiasm. Audiences are already inquiring about potential sequels, and the film’s reach appears to be expanding beyond regional boundaries.

Reddy’s joy is evident, stating, “Currently, our film is trending in the top 5 position on ZEE5. I am very happy with such a great response.” With ‘SIT’ captivating audiences, Reddy’s future in filmmaking looks promising.

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