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Director Shekhar Kammula shares his success secret

Director Shekhar Kammula shares his success secret

  • Shekhar Kammula’s buzz at the inauguration of the Educational Film Festival at Osmania University
  • Shekhar Kammula who filled the students with enthusiasm by explaining his success
  • Shekhar Kammula honored 13 winners with trophies in the film festival
    Famous director Shekhar Kammula made a noise in Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  • The 24th Educational Film Festival jointly organized by the University Grants Commission-Consortium for Educational
    Communication was inaugurated by Shekhar Kammula as the chief guest. With the arrival of Shekhar Kammula, Tagore Auditorium in Osmania erupted with excitement of students.The students along with other guests who came to the event were blown away by the AV made with Shekhar Kammula’s films. Shekhar Kammula addressed the students after starting the three-day film festival.

“I am very happy to come to the film festival. Hyderabad is not Biryani or Irani Chai Kay… It is the home of great love. I have told this through my film. But there are many students here from other states, so I will say it again. If you see Hyderabad, you will fall in love. Must fall.

If you think about man-animal, you have to take the animal. Man-woman means thinking from the woman’s side. We have to put aside our egos and go with empathy. Even Einstein considers Gandhi to be a great man. I make films in the same way. That’s why many people like my movies. Students are great if they work hard to achieve what they dream of. “

Afterwards, 13 winners of the documentary, short film and other categories of the film festival were presented with the Shekhar Kammula trophy and certificates and took a photo with them and cheered them on.

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