Dil Raju is the new Allu Arjun: Gunasekhar

Dil Raju is the new Allu Arjun: Gunasekhar

Director Gunasekhar awaits the theatrical release of ‘Shaakuntalam’ on April 14. Its paid premiere for the public was held on Monday evening in Hyderabad.

At a presser on Monday, the director was asked about the X-factor, if any, for the film. In the case of ‘Rudhrama Devi’, it was Allu Arjun, whose wild card entry created a lot of buzz and resulted in commercial advantage. Who is playing such a role in the case of ‘Shaakuntalam‘?

Answering the question, the ‘Okkadu’ director said, “We didn’t rope in Allu Arjun for ‘Rudhrama Devi’ with any calculation in mind. If you ask me about ‘Shaakuntalam‘, it is Dil Raju who is its Allu Arjun,” the director said.

Dil Raju said that people believed in his credentials and watched ‘Balagam’ in decent numbers when they didn’t know anything about the movie on Day 1. Dil Raju is expecting a similar push this Friday in terms of collections, thanks to his name being associated with Samantha‘s movie.

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