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Custody Review: Venkat Prabhu Fails to ‘Arrest’ Audience

Custody Review: Venkat Prabhu Fails to ‘Arrest’ Audience

Naga Chaitanya, Arvind Swamy, Krithi Shetty, Priyamani, Sarath Kumar, Sampath Raj, Vennela Kishore, Premji and others

Director: Venkat Prabhu
Music: Ilaiyaraaja, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer: SR Kathir
Editor: Venkat Raajen
Producer: Srinivasaa Chitturi

Naga Chaitanya has been yearning for a proper hit and for the first time, he did a role of a police in Custody which is directed by top Tamil director Venkat Prabhu. This cop drama is also the first bilingual film for Naga Chaitanya and expectations are high given the amount of budget and effort put in for the film. It was released on May 12 (Friday). Let us see how the film has turned out to be.

Siva (Naga Chaitanya) is a young and sincere police constable. He loves Revathi (Krithi Shetty) since childhood and both plans to get married. Siva stops the convoy of the Chief Minister for a cause as per the rules. Such is his determination when it comes to following the rule book. One day, Shiva faces the biggest challenge of his life when he is pressurized to release a gangster and a CBI officer whom he arrested for a crime. The entire government is after Siva who wouldn’t stop from producing the accused before the court at any cost. The rest of the story about how Siva faces the odds has to be watched on the screen.

Naga Chaitanya must be appreciated for playing the role of an underdog, a constable. But he is too good to be an average police constable. He delivered one of his career-best performances as a determined cop who takes on the entire system. He has a lot of scope to show his acting skills and he mostly succeeded in doing so. Aravind Swamy’s character was entertaining. As a gangster with a sense of humour, he did deliver a decent performance. Krithi Shetty’s role was limited to a few scenes but she has given her best. Priyamani and other supporting artists too were good.

Tamil director Venkat Prabhu is known for his screenplay and the same is lacking in Custody. The slow pace of the screenplay has affected the overall outcome of the film. An underdog taking on the most powerful is a routine plot but the director made it interesting by making the hero trying to protect a powerful gangster from more powerful people including a Chief Minister. The same was not presented compellingly. The father and son duo -Ilaiyaraaja and Yuvan Shankar Raaja’- were roped in for the project but unfortunately, their contribution to the film is no good than what an average music composer would have contributed.
The film features large-scale action scenes and rich visuals. The film was set in the 1990s but it did no good to the film. Better editing could have made the film more engaging.

What’s Good
Naga Chaitanya Action sequences Story

What’s Bad
Slow narration Second half

A routine cop drama with botched-up narration

Sarkar Rating: 2/5

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