Current Generation Will Connect To ET For Sure: Suriya

Current Generation Will Connect To ET For Sure: Suriya

Suriya who is riding high on the success of his Aakasam Nee Haddhu Ra and Jai Bhim is all set to try his luck in theatres with ET (Evariki Thalavanchadu) releasing on March 10th. The movie is directed by Pandiraj and has a strong social message about women along with the mass commercial elements we expect from Suriya. Here are some of the excerpts of Suriya’s conversation with the media in Hyderabad.

Everyone changed their thought process after the pandemic. We all came to know – What to do at any given time, how much time should allocate to any task, and how to spend time with family. Pandemic has changed the life of Youth as well. People are preferring weddings here in India, rather than the destination weddings.

Similarly, my friend Madhavan shifted to Dubai as he gave priority to his son’s swimming. He devoted a lot of time to family. Many of my relatives and friends also went to some remote areas for a clean environment. Some of my family members went to Kodaikanal, while few others went to Goa.

Pandemic completely transformed the business of the tourism sector and hospitals. Destination weddings did not take place outside India. People suffered a lot for a year and a half.

A bicycle shop owner has not even sold a bicycle for two and a half years. But, he sold all that stock in six months and now has no stock even though there is demand. Various incidents like this took place.

Similarly, there have been major changes in the field of cinema. Aakasam Nee Haddhu Ra and Jai Bheem were released on OTT and won accolades. Even people from Calcutta called to compliment me.

OTT is giving a big boost to producers. New directors, writers, new stories came to light. After the Pandemic, Pushpa and Bheemla Nayak have also released in theatres and garnered good collections. Thus, the conditions are conducive for the films to become big business.

Allu Aravind’s Aha revolutionized Digital business in the South. Rajamouli movies are creating buzz everywhere. It made Tamil heroes come to test their luck in Telugu. Everyone is enjoying the unique content in the Malayalam industry. Entire cinema has changed due to the pandemic.

From Delhi to Mumbai, many production companies have expanded. Youth are giving importance to content movies along with fantasy movies. These revolutionary changes are contributing to further progress of the industry. People are going to theatres on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as to watch good movies. Producers are very happy with this development.

Each one realized what to do as an artist. OTT has stopped piracy and brought a new audience. With a population of 8 crores in Tamil Nadu, 80 lakh people are watching movies on OTT. Akhanda, Pushpa, and Bheemla Nayak gave a boost after the pandemic. I hope, ET releasing on March 10th will continue that.

Pandiraj made a film with Karthi on our 2D Entertainment banner. It came in Telugu as Chinababu. Pandiraj is known for making family movies. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu also tweeted to give positive review on the movie.

The core point of ET is taken from the happenings around us in the society. People from Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and other places in the country will get connected. These are the events that take place in every village. The director dealt the point sensitively.

If relatives come to our house, we ask the girl to give them water. We do not ask the boy to do that. Small little things like this are discussed here. There will be no inappropriate scenes anywhere. In the same way, people tell the wives to adjust if minor differences crop up with husbands. The director included such sensitive issues in the movie.

Rajamouli and his father give elevations to villains very well. They know how to deal with it. The villain in ET will also be unique. The director portrayed entertainment and emotions very well. I hope the current generation will also be well connected. ET will impress them for sure. My fans too will like it.

Jai Bhim went to the Oscars. Many admired the film even though it did not get the award. Nearly 3,000 movies get nominated and will be watched by the jury at the Oscars.

I dubbed for ET in Telugu. The director said I enjoyed Telugu dubbing more than the Tamil dubbing. We made small changes to Telugu to make the dialogues more appealing.

There are few movies in the pipeline. I am doing a film with director Bala. I also have Vaadivasal with Vetrimaaran. There must be at least 500 artists for each shot. That is why it was not possible in corona time. We are planning to launch it in June.

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