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India’s First “Country Chicken” Brand Launches in Pragathi Nagar-Kukatpally

Hyderabad, 11th February, 2022:  Country Chicken Co. is India’s first Country Chicken brand. The Brand which has its Suitable Presence Online, is unveiling its 1st Offline Store at the Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally, Hyderanad. The Brand exclusively sell all types of country chicken fondly known as Nattu Kodi in Local Language. 

Country Chicken is available in 5 Varieties that are Tender Telangana, Classic Andhra, Kadaknath, Mysore Queen, and Warrior country chicken and all varieties of Country Chicken (Nattu Koddi) is available at Country Chicken Co. 

Speaking on the Occasion Mr. Saikesh CEO of Country Chicken Co said “ We are delighted at the launch of our First Offline Store, we welcome Hon’ble Minister T.Srinivas Yadav Sir for Unveiling Our first outlet at Pragathi Nagar, Kukatpally. Mr. Saikesh added “Country Chicken Co started its operations in October, 2021 through online delivery. Due to overwhelming response through online orders, we decided to take things a step further and open India’s first Country Chicken retail outlet.

He further said “We are a first-of-its-kind store that isn’t just a meat store but its basically a Country Chicken Experience Centre. Here customers can understand the full journey of an authentic country chicken from the day it hatches to a full-grown healthy bird, We want to draw attention to the goodness of eating Country Chicken and how it is better in every way, whether it is taste, health, or quality, We are proud to say would be one of the most premium meat stores in India!

Country Chicken farmers are suffering a lot due to several reasons. As there are no proper channels between farmer, trader and retailer they are often exploited. We are looking to change that by getting actively involved at every part of the country chicken supply chain.

The Govt. of Telangana is making provisions and plans for the betterment of the industry. Such as NLM SCHEME – Subsidy is being provided to farmers to encourage country chicken farming and sales. This is due to the fact that country chicken consumption is dying out and country chicken is overall healthier for people to consume.

Recently our CEO and Founder met the Minister of animal husbandry who was delighted to hear that such a venture has been started and expressed his full support for the launch of our business. So much so that he is going to be the chief guest of our launch. Our main goal is to support country chicken farmers. Which is also why we made the store to explain what is country chicken, how it is raised, how it is different from broiler chicken, what do we feed country chickens etc. We also have many live country chicken birds in the store so that people can come and see how these birds even look very different from broiler birds. We want to see our 15000+ poultry farmers thrive.

Mr. Hemamber Reddy – Founder Country Chicken Co said “With over two generations of experience in raising country chicken, our team has the expertise needed to ensure that you only get the freshest, healthiest and tastiest chicken for your family.

Mr. Hemamber Reddy – Founder Country Chicken Co added “We also understand the importance of eating organic. In fact, our chickens are beyond organic. They’re never fed artificial hormones to bolster growth or given steroids or antibiotics to gain muscle. They’re raised on an all-natural diet, like the one they’d find in the wild.

We also ensure that our chickens are safely transported to the stores every other day so that you can always find only the freshest all-natural meat in the market.

The Brand Country Chicken Co is set for Expansion in the next 3 months, the spokesperson added that  “We will be opening 4 more stores in Hyderabad. Even though we are currently expanding in Hyderabad, in a short span of time we will be expanding to rural cities of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and soon the rest of South India. We are also launching our marinated products this month and will be launching more exotic meat products like quail birds and turkey to name a few.

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