Butta Bomma Movie Review

Butta Bomma Movie Review

Starring: Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das, Surya Vashistta, Navya Swamy Director: Shouree Chandrashekhar T Ramesh Producers: Naga Vamsi S, Sai Soujanya Music Director: Gopi Sundar


Satya (Anikha Surendran), an innocent village girl, falls in love with an auto driver Murali (Surya Vashistta) after dialling his number by mistake. One day, they meet for the first time in Vizag. They are being followed by Ramakrishna (Arjun Das). Why did Ramakrishna follow them? What happened next? What is the connection between the trio? The main film has all the answers.


Most of the audiences are aware that Butta Bomma is an official Telugu remake of the Malayalam movie Kappela. The story chosen is simple and neat without much confusion. Coming to performances, Anikha Surendran steals the show with her performance. Her acting as an innocent teenager is impressive. She also looks beautiful on screen and it is a decent debut for the actress as a heroine in Tollywood. Besides Anikha, Surya Vashistta also performs very well. His character has different shades and he portrays them very well. Though it’s his debut film, one can wonder that he is an experienced actor after watching his performance.

Arjun Das played a character called Ramakrishna aka RK. Though he has less screen time, he gives his best and makes a good impression. The makers did a great job by roping in him for the role and he justified it. The other actors are okay in their given roles. The dialogues written by Ganesh Kumar Ravuri are good and he needs to be appreciated for his finest work. The cinematography enhances the beauty of the film.


Butta Bomma is a faithful remake but it has its flaws. The story has neat point to deliver but it will reach the audience when and only if it is narrated in a gripping manner. This is where the film fails to engage audiences. The director did an okay job but the screenwriter should have come up with a gripping screenplay, especially in the first half.

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