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Bigg Boss Non Stop: – Full details of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT competitors

Bigg Boss Non Stop: – Full details of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT competitors

The OTT version of Bigg Boss reality show Bigg Boss Non Stop hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna has finally started on Saturday ( February 26 ) In the opening episode 17 contestants came into the house. Like in previous seasons most of the housemates were sent to the Bigg Boss house without much rush. Warriors and Challengers can be thought of as the theme for this season. Bigg Boss Telugu OTT started with new players as contestants and challengers who came in previous seasons as Warriors. See the list of contestants for this season.

Akhil Sarthak
Akhil, who was runner-up in Bigg Boss Season 4, is back as a Warrior this non-stop season. In season 4, Akhil fell in love with Monal, clashed with Abhijit and befriended Sohail. Although the actor is the most desirable man in Telugu TV, Akhil knows exactly how to impress his fans. Now it remains to be seen whether he will repeat his magic in this OTT version.

Ashu Reddy
The anchor, who has become a sensation on the internet, has previously appeared in Bigg Boss Season 3. However, he was eliminated in the middle of that season, but it must be said that he impressed everyone on his side during the few days he was there. Later she did a Happy Days show with anchor Ravi. Again now we have to see how it is gaining popularity in this OTT version.

Mahesh Vitta
Mahesh Vitta, who appeared in Bigg Boss Season 3, is now one of the OTT Warrior contestants in Bigg Boss Non Stop. In the first week of his last season, Varun emerged as a strong contender with Sandesh. Apart from that it has gained a lot of fans. He later starred in many films.

Ariana Glory
Despite being a finalist in Bigg Boss Season 4, Ariana is back non-stop again. At one point Ariana performed as a winner for the show itself. And after that season he became even more popular with an interview with Ram Gopal Varma. Aims to be the first female winner in Bigg Boss.

Tejaswi Madivada
Tejaswi is one of the vivacious contestants in Bigg Boss Season 2. Playing decent tasks with men, falling in love with “Samrat”, impressing everyone by making good dishes are all things that can be said about Tejaswi. After that season he never appeared on television again except in one web series. Now Bigg Boss is back on OTT as a Warrior contestant.

Bigg Boss Season 5 managed to grab more attention in less time. Proved to be a very strong competitor in his season. Natarajan now wants to do well in the OTT version as a warrior and become a winner.

Along with Nataraj, Hamida is also a Bigg Boss Season 5 contestant. There have been rumors that Hamida will be in the OTT version this season before it even starts. Now she’s back into the OTT version again as Warrior as everyone thought.

7 Arts Sarayu
Bigg Boss Team Sarayu was given the opportunity to participate in the OTT Non Stop. She was also a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 5, but was unexpectedly eliminated in the first week of the season. Now Bigg Boss Non Stop has a second chance to see how she changes her game as a Warrior in the OTT version and moves on.

Mumaith Khan
This famous dancer who has done special songs not only in Telugu but also in many languages ​​is one of the first season contestants in Telugu. The show was hosted by Junior NTR. It is a matter of great pleasure that Mumtaz Khan, who did very well in the first season, is now back on the OTT non-stop. Then sending her out of the house for the Telangana Special Investigation Team investigation into the Hyderabad drugs racket created a sensation. He later became one of the five judges on the Dance + Show hosted by Omkar. Again now OTT has come to entertain Warrior fans in a non-stop version.

RJ Chaitu
Chaitu is one of the most popular RJs in Hyderabad. Chaitu, who works as a radio jockey for a radio station in Hyderabad, also does a number of special programs. He is a friend of Sri Mukhi, Vishnupriya and many others we know. Bigg Boss is now non-stop as he is now a challenger

Bindu Madhavi
She started her career as a Telugu actress in 2000 with the Telugu film Avakai Biryani. Until 2011 she played important roles in films like Bumper Offer, Rama Rama Krishna Krishna, Pilla Zamindar. However, she focused on Tamil films. Bindu Madhavi also competed in Tamil Bigg Boss. Now she has come as a challenger in the OTT version in Telugu.

This energetic anchor from Kadiri in Andhra Pradesh is very famous for her hosting as well as laughter. She has done many shows on Telugu news channels and entertainment channels. Bigg Boss spoke to Nagarjuna on the day of her entry in the OTT version about her inter-caste marriage. Her husband and son wished her well.

Mitra Sharma

Hailing from Mumbai, she started her acting career with Hindi TV very quickly. After completing her Bachelor of Psychological degree she became a full time actress. Later he came to Hyderabad and acted in the Telugu movie “Toli Sandhya Velalo”. Mitra also has a production house. Mitra is now testing his luck as one of the challengers on Bigg Boss Non Stop.

Anchor Shiva

This popular anchor got acquainted very quickly by interviewing celebrities on YouTube. Shiva interviewed several former Bigg Boss contestants. Now Shiva has also joined Bigg Boss Non Stop as a challenger.

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