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Bichagadu 2 Review: A Sequel With Highs And Lows Of Its Own 

Bichagadu 2 Review: A Sequel With Highs And Lows Of Its Own 


Vijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Dev Gill, Yogi Babu, Radha Ravi, YG Mahendran, Mansoor Ali Khan, Hareesh Peradi and others. 


Director: Vijay Antony

Music Director: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: Om Narayan

Editor: Vijay Antony

Producers: Fatima Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony’s Bichagadu has become a sensation when it was released in 2016. The film hit the screens without any buzz and went on to become a blockbuster. Vijay Antony came up with several films to ride on the success of Bichhagadu but could not see a blockbuster. 

The makers want to cash in on the impact Bichagadu made on Telugu audience with Bichhagadu 2 which is a standalone sequel. It hit the screens on Friday (May 19). Let us check how the movie fared. 


Vijay Gurumurthy (Vijay Antony) is the seventh richest person in India. 

His friend and business partner Aravind (Dev Gill) along with his team hatches a conspiracy to rob Vijay of his property. 

They bring in Satya, a beggar and a doppelganger of Vijay Gurumurthy and replaces the latter’s brain with Satya’s brain. 

While Aravind plans to use Satya’s brain for his own gains Satya who has a past works on his own. What happens to Vijay and what are the plans of Satya forms the rest of the story. 


Vijay Antony’s subtle performance in Bichagadu made him stand out among many actors. He delivered a similar performance in the sequel. Being the director of the film is an advantage and Vijay made best of use of such an opportunity. 

His contribution to the film is huge as he is also the music composer and producer. 

Other actors including Dev Gill, Hareesh Peradi, and John Vijay have done their bit. 

Kavya Thapar’s character could’ve been given much more screen time. Emotional scenes between Vijay and his sister are not up to the mark even the crux of the movie is set around their characters. 


The movie begins on an intriguing note and establishes a high until before the first half. The interval block makes you feel okayish but when the second half begins, the movie entirely falls flat. Except for Vijay Antony, nobody had anything else to do or project through their characters.

What’s Good 

Vijay Antony 


Interval bang


What’s Bad 


Second half 

Bottom line

Rides high on Bichagadu 

Sarkar Rating: 2.5/5.

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