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`BARI` First Look and Teaser Launch


The film Bari is produced by Munikrishna CV and Geetakrishna under the banner of Sahana Arts under the direction of Suresh Reddy as the King and Sahana duo in the presentation of Smt. Kamalamma and Venkateshappa. The film’s first look and teaser launch took place today in the FilmChamber at the hands of renowned producer Raj Kandukuri.
 Speaking on the occasion,

Raj Kandukuri said, “First look, teaser and title are very interesting. Barry’s title is very powerful. My best wishes to the heroines who are getting acquainted with this movie and to the producers of the show. I want this film to be a big success and bring a good name to everyone in the unit.

 Actor Nagmahesh says … “I played the role of Kodikatti Sheen in this film. The director has screened the entire film with good characters with good story. The producer came from Bangalore and produced this film with a good concept without compromising on his passion for Telugu cinema. The hero heroines looked like they had a lot of experience. The film is expected to be a big success.

 Hero Raju said … “I am getting acquainted with this movie as a hero. The director worked very hard and screened the film in a way that everyone liked. We trusted our production team and produced the film without compromising anywhere, ”he said.

The heroine Sahana said … “In this film, I will appear in the role of Tulsi. This is my first film as a heroine. I also learned bharatanatyam with an interest in the arts. As a actress, I am confident that this film will bring me a good name.

Producer Munikrishna CV Saying … “Even though ours is in Bangalore … I made the first film ‘Bauri’ in Telugu with a passion for movies. The whole team worked hard. The movie is all over. Censor work is currently underway. I made this movie with a story that does not fall into such a category. I want the audience to appreciate our first attempt. “

Director Suresh Reddy says … “Never before in the history of Telugu cinema has a film been produced with such a theme, mainly in the rural setting of Kodi Punjulu and Kodi Pandelu.” For the first time, the film “Bari” was produced in Achchatelugu Palleturi locations. The shooting took place in Repalle, Bapatla and Tenali areas. Each character is very natural. Our producer finalized the story in the first sitting and produced the film without compromising anywhere. It has 4 songs. We will be launching lyrical videos through Lahiri Audio soon. The film is currently under censorship. We are planning to release the film in February.

 Music for the film: Mahavir; Cinematography: Anil Kumar Reddy; Editor: Srikrishna Attaluri; Choreography: Bala Narasimha; Written contribution: Nani, Venkat Challagundla; PRVO: Chandu Ramesh; Producers: Munikrishna CV, Geetakrishnan; Story-Words-Screenplay-Direction: Suresh Reddy.

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