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B B N Is A Edge-Of-The-Seat Thriller: Actress Rashi Singh

Bhoothaddham Bhaskar Narayana Is A Edge-Of-The-Seat Thriller: Actress Rashi Singh

Starring Siva Kandukuri as the lead actor, Bhoothaddham Bhaskar Narayana is the latest horror thriller written and directed by Purushotham Raj. The movie’s teaser is creating a decent buzz among the horror film fans. The movie is ready to hit the screens on March 1. On the occasion, actress Rashi Singh, who is the film’s heroine spoke to the media about her role and the movie.


When Did You Develop Interest In Films?

I am from Raipur and completed my education from Delhi University. I worked as an air hostess for an year before trying my luck in the industry. I was determined of becoming an actress since my childhood. I made my debut with Santhosh Shobhan’s ‘Prem Kumar’ movie. I also worked in a Aha original called ‘Papam Pasivaadu.’ I shifted to Hyderabad and now I can also speak Telugu.

How did you got the opportunity in this film?

The makers were looking for a Telugu-speaking girl who is a new comer. I gave the audition and got selected.

What is your character in Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana?

I play the character Lakshmi in this film and when I first listened to my character, I was shocked. I got a strong role as a reporter. The movie has so many thrilling elements and there is also romance.

What do you want to say about your co-star Siva Kandukuri?

He is a very sweet person. He was patient with me and also very down-to-earth. His father is a producer but he is very normal. He worked hard for the movie and I hope we all get success.

A few words about the movie director Purushotham Raj..

He is a director with vision and so much clarity. He directed the story well and he gave me freedom to enact my role.

What about the film’s producers?

Our producers are youngsters with passion. They were supportive and didn’t compromise for the film’s output.

Who are your favourite actors in Tollywood?

I love Allu Arjun garu. I became a huge fan after watching his Arya 2. He works hard and shows versatality with each film, which is surprising.

What are your next projects?

I am working with Suhas in Prasanna Vadanam. This is a different movie and is getting ready for release.

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