Audience will be shocked to see Ravi Teja in ‘Ravanasura’: Producer Abhishek Nama

Audience will be shocked to see Ravi Teja in ‘Ravanasura’: Producer Abhishek Nama

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s most awaited edge-of-the-seat crime action thriller ‘Ravanasura’. Directed by Sudhir Varma, the film is produced by Abhishek Nama and Ravi Teja Grand under Abhishek Pictures, RT Teamworks. Hero Sushant played a key role. This film has already set huge expectations with the teaser and trailer. Harshavardhan Rameshwar and Bhims Cicerolio composed the music and all the songs of this film became chart busters. Producer Abhishek Nama shared the features of Ravanasura in the press conference in the background of the release of the film as a summer special on April 7.

Everyone is saying that you are the Karta Karma Kriya of Ravanasura?

Or not. Everything belongs to hero Ravi Teja. He finalized the story and called me to make the film. Ravi Teja is also a producer in this.

When Srikanth was telling you this story, what were the things that you found exciting?

Ravi Teja has never done a movie like this. Will Ravi Teja be able to do this after watching this movie? The audience will be shocked. A new concept. If it works out the heroes will try more stories like this.

Once upon a time, small films were released on their own. What is the reason for the situation where even big movies are being released on their own?

It depends on the manufacturer. We had earlier thought that we will release this film all over the world on our own. We thought we would release the content that we strongly believe in, which is a win-loss.

Is there any risk in this?

We like a story and put money on it with faith. Why give to others when you have faith? We are releasing the film we believe in. Ever since we heard the story, we have faith in Ravanasura.

So far no one in the team has given a lead about the story of ‘Ravanasura’. What do you say?

When watching thriller genres, there are shocking.. wow.. factors. When they are already known to the audience, that kick does not come. That’s why I didn’t tell about the story.

Looks like a huge cast.. Did you complete it in the budget you thought?

We have completed within the planned budget. Sudhir Verma is very strong technically. It was completed on time and on budget.

How is this movie going to be for Ravi Teja?

The audience is thrilled and shocked. When you see Ravi Teja in such a new light, you get the feeling of being overwhelmed. The interval is extraordinary. It gives a new experience to the audience.

About Sushant’s character?

We wanted Sushant to be fresh with an innocent face. Sushant will be seen very new in this.

Ravi Teja said that the title and designs of this movie are mine?

I come from a fine arts background. Interested in making good films. Likes to do concept films.

Abhishek Pictures movies release pan India right.. Why Ravanasura didn’t?

After the release here, there is an idea to plan pan India with the same subject.

Keshava done by you-Sudhir Varma seemed about Ravanasura?

As a producer, ‘Keshav’ worked out commercially for me. But the blockbuster was missed. Let’s make a hundred percent blockbuster with Ravanasura.

The music of ‘Ravanasura’ became a hit.. The reason for taking Harshvardhan Rameshwar?

Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s family are all musicians. He has a lot of talent. First I gave the movie ‘Sakshyam’. Later I told Ravi Teja. He once again proved his talent with Ravanasura.

Will there be a sequel to Ravanasura?

If the audience likes it, we will make a sequel. The story of Ravanasura has that possibility.

What are your expectations for Ravanasura coming after Ravi Teja’s 100 crores mark?

Ravi Teja achieved many wonderful achievements. What I feel is.. If an artist’s new character is well received by the audience.. there is no success beyond that. When we see a movie like Kantara, we say wow. But if we want to do it here, we will think whether it will work out or not. But Ravi Teja broke all that with Ravanasura.

Is it possible to launch Ravanasura writer Srikanth Vissa as a director?

I told him to make the first film under my banner as a director. He also said that he would do it.

How far has the movie ‘Prema Vimana’ come?

done We are releasing it next month

When is the devil?

The devil runs climax. We will find a good date and release it in two to three months. There is also Devil 2.

About new projects?

We will launch about seven films in 2024.

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