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Audience Laughter Real Sankranthi For us- The Movie Unit at HERO Thanks Meet

Audience Laughter Real Sankranthi For us- The Movie Unit at HERO Thanks Meet

The movie Hero starring Ashok Galla and Nidhi Agarwal as a couple. Shriram Aditya is the director. Producer of Padmavati Galla. Jagapathibabu, Naresh, Brahmaji, Mime Gopi, Rol Rida and others performed. The movie Sankranthi has been released and is gaining popularity among the audience. In this context, the film unit arranged a press conference on Sunday night to thank the audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Galla said, “I still can’t forget the positive response from the audience when I saw it at the Devi Theater the first day. That is why I would like to thank the audience who are enjoying watching the movie. Thanks to mom and dad for realizing my desire and bringing me to this point. Also thanks to the viewers team. Bagapatibabu did very well. Brahmaji was seen crawling in the climax. Also, the characters of Naresh, Mime Gopi and Roll Rida are being enjoyed by the audience. The treasure was made into LuckyCham. Vijay trained me in dance. His songs have been well-received in theaters. Said.

Producer Padmavati Galla responded, “I have been getting feedback for two days. A movie that the youth and the family watch together. Highlight to thriller, comedy movie. The director shot it as a commercial entertainer. Publicity had to be done without time. However, the audience’s admiration was forgotten. I hope there will be more pickups ahead. Said.
Jayadev Galla says that the success of the film is due to the collective effort. Everyone mentioned that the difficulty gave a good result.

As Jagapathi Babu said, I have not been to the theater for the last 15 years. I went and saw it for this movie. I did not laugh out loud and enjoyed watching this movie. Initially I did not want to do this movie. Having starred in big movies I didn’t feel like doing anything with the new hero director. But Padmagaru convinced our sister once and for all that it would be better if I did this role. I did that. Jayadev is my favorite person. There is also a doubt as to whether or not my role will be fruitful while making the film. But the director manipulated my expectations and made the audience enjoy. After watching this movie I remembered the Hanuman Junction I did. The director must show greatness in order to do such things. The hero appeared to be hot in Ashok. Twice a day he would do it until Sean was well. And Naresh’s character is very cruel. He said that he was impressed by the role so that he could somehow get hydrated.

Shriram Aditya says it is like a real festival in theaters. The audience reaction to the hard work made us very happy. Mime Gopi Interval Scene is wonderfully cultivated. Nareshgaru made the audience laugh comfortably. And Ashok’s difficulty seemed fine. The treasure made it very natural. Brahmaji took the last 10 minutes to hype. When he wrote the character, he gave it to us for a different movie even if there were no dates. As a character he shouts loudly. It’s worth seeing in the theater.
Producer Padmavati Garu has been happy since the release of the film. Many greeted her over the phone. Jayadev Gallagher sat behind us and led us. I did four films but none of them came in response to this film. Is gone. The film was made to make the audience laugh. Jagapatibabu should drown in Kovid time in Rajahmundry. That said, the scene was done without anticipation.

According to Brahmaji, the film is about two and a half hours of laughing without crying. Must see in movie theaters like this. The hero said it did not look like the first movie.

Nidhi Agarwal said the audience was blessed with all the hard work. The construction company did not compromise on quality. Shriram Aditya shot well as stylish. I enjoyed watching the movie with my family. Ashok’s first film was crucial. Used it properly. Jagatibabu looks very cool. Naresh did wonderfully. Said.

Naresh says that he knows a good movie only when the story is told. We also enjoyed the dubbing. We saw that result in the theater. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Hug the director immediately. Chickens give entertainment. It’s like a wallpaper chicken race. The hero looked at the title and thought it was a mass movie. But Hilarius turned the director into a comedy film. Everyone performed well. Any hero with comedy timing will be very successful. I saw that in Amitabh. Ashok said that there was that timing.

Rollerida said audiences seemed to have given a good gift to the wallpapers when they saw them in theaters yesterday. Confidence in the film has grown since the teaser. Gibran’s music and performances by the knights were highlighted. In this, I sang `Step Show Chiranjeevi Bass, Stylish Show Rajinikanth ‘.. He said that he is getting a wonderful response to the song.
Also speaking was Mime Gopi, choreographer Vijay.

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