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Ashu Reddy is his wife .. who left later .. Saryu comments after elimination

Ashu Reddy is his wife .. who left later .. Saryu comments after elimination

Bigg Boss Non-Stop: 7 Arts Sarayu of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 fame to contest in  the show? - Times of India

Even from the beginning of the Bigg Boss non-stop show a lot of unexpected twists are emerging. Especially in the eliminations, however, the contestants go out unexpectedly. There have also been a lot of comments that contestants who thought they were strong are being fired from Bigg Boss too soon. Earlier in the week, news of Seven Arts’ rapid departure from Sarayu House went viral on social media. It is good to give a clear explanation of the drama that will take place in the house after her release as well as who will come out in the next elimination.

ఈ వారం ఎలిమినేషన్ తనేనట | four weeks since bigg boss non-stop started. it  is interesting to see who the fourth week elimination is

Saryu sensational allegations

With the walls of Warriors vs. Challengers, Bigg Boss OTT is moving forward successfully. And despite fighting so hard in the eliminations last week, it is clear that Sarayu came out as the final. In an interview with anchor Ravi, she said that if the developments in the house are seen as a drama, then ideas are coming that a Hindi serial will also continue.

Sarayu Post-Elimination Interview Promo | Bigg Boss Non Stop | DisneyPlus  Hotstar Telugu - YouTube

The game is played in groups

She asserted that her confession had been obtained through torture, and that her confession had been obtained through torture. It was reported that the game was being played as a group of people in particular and that it was going to be safe for a long time. Saryu also said that Akhil, Ajay, Ashu Reddy and Sravanti in particular started the game as a group and kept the rest of them away from meeting.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Winner Prediction Sarayu Predicts Bigg Boss OTT Telugu  Winner

Sarayu also alleged that the three contestants in the team were also struggling to win over Akhil in one way, which meant that the other houses were being portrayed in one way as well as Akhil in another. Sarayu also said that in a way, the team in the house plays the role of a retailer, especially Ashu Reddy, who behaves very retail.

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Ashu is his wife. However, Saryu alleges that Ashu Reddy’s behavior towards Akhil is not good at all and that it seems to him that Ashu Reddy is behaving as if he is in the range of being a wife, that she does not really like him at all. Sarayu said that she was sent out of the house for very silly reasons to make Ajay the captain.

Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu Contestants List With Photos: Confirmed List of  16 Contestants Revealed! - TheNewsCrunch

The next one is gone ..

These days, however, there is a big serial going on in Bigg Boss, and Saryu says that Sravanti behaves like a mother to all of them. Akhil Ajay also thinks that Sravanti Ashu Reddy, whom both of them consider as their sons, is a son-in-law. However, Sarayu also tried to clarify that it was certain that mother Sravanti would leave the house earlier than the four of them.

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