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As a Jackie Chan fan, I like action movies – Sudhir Babu

As a Jackie Chan fan, I like action movies – Sudhir Babu

Sudhir Babu has completed ten years as an actor. ‘Shiva Manasulo Shruti’, his first film as a male lead, was released on 10 February 2012. Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of his coming into cinema on Thursday. Sridevi Soda Center‌, ‘seduction has brought a good name. With the same director on a rom-com called ‘Tell you about that girl’. On this occasion, he shared his cinematic journey in the media.

The number of films I have made, the number of fans I have gained, the respect I have earned as an actor is more important to me. Looking back, I struggled one hundred percent as a dancer. I have that satisfaction.
I missed some of my movies. I worked for a few more. Failures in my career have taught me valuable lessons. I learned how to choose scripts. I realized that in addition to the story, budgets and the technical team should also be taken into consideration.
In the beginning it did not come that there would be a career of years. I came up with the idea on the movie. I like action movies. Said he would excel in them .. I trust my hard work. I initially put 60 lakhs in the movie Tisha.

On the first day of shooting, I heard the cameraman on set saying that it was very difficult for Sudhir Babu to survive in the film industry. Made me think of what to do next. I gave my best. In retrospect, his negative faith in me prompted me to prove myself.
I entered the film industry with the sole aim of gaining recognition and respect with myself. Our dad wanted to take care of business. After a few years. I came into this field to achieve something. Movies never have a definite plan. From time to time I went ahead and made story choices. You expect box office success in the industry.
I like action movies. I’m a big fan of Jackie Chan. Going to do benchmark action movies. I will make a film with actor-writer-director Harshavardhan. The director of ‘Loser 2’ (web series) is going to film with me.
I did ‘Sammohanam’ and ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ to try new genres. I started out as a hero but also wanted to prove myself as an actor. That’s why I did the ‘Baaghi’ offer in Hindi, in which I had a very good character. The villain is seen in ‘Brahmastra’ in Hindi. I was mesmerized by director Mohanakrishna Indraganti for showing me softly.

In terms of career, Krishna has learned a lot from Mahesh. Spending the evening with family while there is shooting. Even if they learn from them. I learned from Krishna how to switch off from work after I get back home. When ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ was released, Mahesh praised me.
I have never approached Mahesh for any favor in the last ten years. That is the principle I follow. The filmmakers respect my talent. Offers are coming to me for the same reason. My wish is to act with Mahesh if I can find a good story.
I played badminton before I got into movies. Pullela Gopichand biopic is opening. The big company came forward. The set is going up quickly.
Pan India wants to do movies. There are Pan India stories in Telugu. All my films were dubbed into Hindi and watched by Hindi audiences. Before the arrival of ‘Bahubali’, Hindi audiences were watching Prabhas and SS Rajamouli’s films. That is why Bahubali became such a hit.
It is true that in the early days there was a mixed response to my voice. I once contacted RP Patnaik for suggestions on how to improve my voice. I followed some of his instructions to fine tune my voice. I do voice exercises 2-3 days before I start dubbing for any movie.
I want the star directors to work with everyone. But working with new directors means learning a lot of new things.
My kids are doing childish too. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
My best critic is my wife. Friends also make some suggestions. There are some in the media as well.

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