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Anubhavinchu Raja Movie Review

‘Anubhavinchu Raja’ is the latest theatrical release in the town. Touted to be an entertainer, it is directed by filmmaker Sreenu Gavireddy. Backed by Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Annapurna Studios, here is its review by us.


Raju (Raj Tarun) comes from a village. Having grown up with a happy-go-lucky attitude, he is facing a crisis in life. Despite coming from a rich family, he is having to work as a security guard in the city. Just as his company’s fellow employee Sruthi (Kashish Khan) falls in love with him, there unfurls a track where a group of supari killers are out to kill Raju. The rest of the story is about why the killers want to get him, how Raju is connected with a good-hearted village head (played by Naren), and how he evolves with time.


Raj Tarun was supposed to milk his comic timing in the first half. But lifeless writing has not provided him with any scope. He is better in the village scenes as a happy-go-lucky Raju than in the security guard portions.

Kashish Khan passes muster. A newcomer like her should have got to play a better character. Posani Krishna Murali has a jaded cameo.

The more important characters enter the screen in the second half. Aadukalam Naren, the multi-lingual actor, is engaging. Ajay, who has been juggling a variety of roles with limited impact, is okayish. Ravi Krishna, Temper Vamsi, Adarsh Balakrishna, Ariyana Glory, Mounika Reddy, and others have different parts. Ariyana and Mounika had potential but they are wasted.

Technical aspects

Gopi Sundar had two major albums just recently: ‘Tuck Jagadish’ and ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’. When ‘Anubhavinchu Raja’ came his way, he willingly grabbed it because of his personal bonding with director Sreenu Gavireddy. His BGM is basic, but the songs are better (‘Neevalle Raa’ takes the cake).

The visuals by cinematographer Nagesh Banell of ‘Pelli Choopulu’ fame is efficient. Real Sathish mounts the fight scenes in a barely watchable manner. The editing by Chota K Prasad is able.


The teaser and trailer for ‘Anubhavinchu Raja’ had projected the film as more of a village-based entertainer. The run-time is almost equally divided between the city and rural portions, with the substantive part of the story relegated to the latter. The love story is more or less inconsequential.

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