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‘Antham Kadidi Arambam’ Poster Released by JD Chakraborty

‘Antham Kadidi Arambam’ Poster Released by JD Chakraborty

Talented actor J.D. The title look poster of ‘Antham Kadidi Arambam’ released by Chakraborty

The film ‘Antham Kadidi Arambam’ directed by debutant director Ishaan jointly produced by Crescent Cinemas and Krishna Productions.

This movie, which is being opened with the title Powerful, is being ambitiously produced by Prabhu Paulraj and Siraj. Recently, the title look poster of this film was done by the talented actor J.D. Chakraborty congratulated the film unit after unveiling it.

After the title look poster, J.D. Chakraborty said..”When I saw the title.. Hey, why did you miss such a good title till now? It seemed that. That’s why the producer made Siraj register the title? I asked. If you don’t do it, I will beat you. It’s common to tell stories.. I can’t find the right title today. ‘Antham Kadidi Aramambam’ is a positive and wonderful title. Superstar Krishnagaru made a movie with the same title when I was a child. Vijayanirmala is the director of that movie. Hyderabad Sudarshan released in 70MM. What.. Do you think I am saying this by looking at Google.. No.. I am saying it because I saw the movie in that theater. Also.. all the rice is not to be seen.. as the saying goes.. looking at this title you can definitely believe that this is a good movie. I wish that this film, which is being done by all the new team, will be a great success and bring good name to everyone.

On this occasion, the director released the poster of J.D. He thanked the Emperor. It has been announced that other details about the film will be announced soon.

Ishaan, Pranali, Rocket Raghava, Praveen, Karate Kalyani, Geeta Singh, Nagamahesh and others,

camera for this film is: T. Srinivasa Rao
Dialogues: Rajendra, Bharadwaj
Editor: Nagireddy
Executive Producer: Karri Mohan
Second Unit Director: Siva Balan
Music: Vinod Owner
PRO: B. Veerababu
Producers: Prabhu Paulraj, Siraj
Screenplay, Direction: Ishaan

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