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Ambajipeta Marriage Band Movie Review

Sarkar Rating:2.75/5

Release Date: February 2, 2024

Banner: GA2 Pictures
Cast: Suhas, Shivani Nagaram, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Nithin Prasanna, Venkat Babu, Goparaju Ramana, Swarnakanth
Executive Producer: Sarvepalli Bhavana
Co-Producer: Venkat Reddy
Cinematography: Wajid Baig
Editing: Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Art Direction: Ashish Teja Pulala
Music Director: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Dheeraj Mogilineni
Director: Dushyanth Katikineni

Ambajipeta Marriage Band is led by Suhas and newcomer Shivani Nagaram. It was released in theatres today. This small-scale film has generated big-scale premiere openings. Will it maintain its momentum at the box-office? Only time knows the answer. For now, let’s find out what the film is about:


The plot unfolds in the year 2007. The setting is a Uttarandhra village. Malli (Suhas), a barber and drummer, and his sister Padma (Saranya Pradeep), a righteous government school teacher, are twins. Suspicion arises among some villagers regarding an affair between Venkat (Nithin Prasanna), the influential figure in the village, and Padma. Things get worse when Lakshmi (Shivani Nagaram) falls in love with Malli. Who is Lakshmi? She is none other than Venkat’s sister. In a plot that unfurls with relative consistency, Venkat takes on the Malli-Padma duo with savage consequences.


Suhas: Easily one of the best performances in recent times from a Tier-3 hero.
Saranya Pradeep: Has pages of dialogues and she knows her craft.
Nithin Prasanna: Looks dangerous.
Shivani Nagaram: An okayish debut.
Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari: Heart-touching performance.

Technical Departments:

Background Score: Sekhar Chandra’s work is delicious
Production Values: GA2 Pictures and producer Dheeraj Mogilineni give a dekko.
Cinematography: Wajid Baig’s work is first-rate.

Plus Points:

1. Moving interval and a classic climax.
2. Excellent lines from Saranya’s character in a couple of scenes.
3. No obsession with any element per se.
4. Crisp running time.
5. The welcome influence of social drama movies from Mollywood and Kollywood.

Minus Points:

1. Some boring moments in the first half.
2. No skilled execution in some scenes.


‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’, directed by Dushyanth Katikaneni, is Telugu cinema’s answer to Tamil films that expose the caste-based social discrimination prevalent in rural society. It is predictable. At the same time, it is worth a watch.

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