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Akhanda Is A Success Of The Fans, Audience, And The Industry: Nandamuri Balakrishna

Akhanda Is A Success Of The Fans, Audience, And The Industry: Nandamuri Balakrishna

Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer ‘Akhanda’ celebrated its 50 days feat amidst jubilation and cheers from the fans at Sudarshan 35 mm theater at RTC X Roads in Hyderabad on Thursday evening. Balakrishna and Akhanda team surprised the fans and the audience watching the movie along with them.

Speaking on the occasion, Nandamuri Balakrishna said, “Coming to RTC X Roads, reminds me of the days bringing breakfast to my father in Ramakrishna Studio. I came to this theater for Samara Simha Reddy’s 100 days celebrations. Akhanda’s success is due to the audience and the hard work of the team. I was enthused to play a devotee of Shiva, keeping my father in mind. Just like the Sankranthi festival, this is the Akhanda festival. People flocked to the theaters as if they had come on pilgrimages even during the COVID. The patronage is the same across the globe. This 50 days’ celebration is being celebrated by fans in many places and I am proud of that. This is my hattrick success with Boyapati. Our combination is innate. That is why God keeps uniting us”.

He also thanked fans for the success. “I thank god for giving me millions of fans. Whatever I did, fans always kept encouraging me. My father was the ideal for me. This overwhelming success is the success of the Telugu film industry. It is a tribute to Hindu society, religion, and practices. The film manages to entertain as well as informative. The fans and the audience are the factors that made this film such an amazing success. This is not a Pan-India movie, this is a Pan-World Cinema. Thaman’s music made the film stand out. I hope you encourage the film similarly when it releases on Disney+ Hotstar from Friday,” he added.

The Fifty-day memorabilia was then handed over to the distributors and exhibitors by Balakrishna.

Director Boyapati Srinu is a happy man. He started his speech equating Nandamuri fans to his brothers. “With the blessings of God as well as the support of the fans and Telugu audience, Akhanda became a big hit. Balayya Babu’s trust in me and the co-operation of the producers played a big role. The film running for 50 days in hundred theaters is really a sensation. The audience will definitely encourage if we make a good movie. That is proved once again. This victory belongs to Nandamuri fans, the Telugu audience, and the Telugu industry. I am dedicating this success to Legend NTR,” he said.

Also present on the occasion were Nizam distributor Sirish Reddy, Sudarshan Theater owner Bala Govindaraju, Manager Balu, and others.

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