‘Agent’ Large Action, Stunning Visuals, Twists Will Give Audience A Roller Coaster Ride Experience: Dino Morea

‘Agent’ Large Action, Stunning Visuals, Twists Will Give Audience A Roller Coaster Ride Experience: Dino Morea

Young and dynamic hero Akhil Akkineni and stylish maker Surender Reddy’s crazy stylish spy action entertainer ‘Agent’ is all set for a grand release worldwide on April 28. Rambraham Sunkara is ambitiously produced under the banners of AK Entertainments and Surender 2.
Agent’s already released promotional has raised huge expectations with tremendous response. Bollywood star Dino Morea, who played a key role in Agent, shared the features of the film in a press conference on April 28.

Tell us about your character in ‘Agent’?
In this I played the role of a ‘Raw’ agent. But this is a character who opposes the system and takes revenge on the system due to the betrayal done to him in the system. He is a powerful agent with special training. But he becomes evil because of his betrayal. There is a lot of madness in him. Surender Reddy designed this character very well. My character has a lot of emotion and drama.

How did you feel when you heard the agent’s story?
When I heard the story of the agent, I liked it very much. I decided that this is the best script to get into Telugu. The story is very interesting. It is the story of three agents. There is also a reason why I became a villain in this. A very important character in the story.

Twenty years ago, he worked with Mammootty in the movie ‘Priyararu Prakuendi’. How did it feel to work with him again?
Working with Mammootty was a great experience. I used to see him like that on the sets. In this, I played a role opposite to him. It seemed like a big challenge. Tried to give my best. He has not changed since then. When we met him for the first time in Budapest, he looked younger than Dulquer. When I told him the same thing, he laughed. As far as I am concerned, he is my teacher and I am his student.

Do you think your character is similar to John Abraham’s character in ‘Pathan’?
Strangely, Pathan also addressed the story of three agents. We started shooting before them. Our story is already made. The story of the agent has nothing to do with the story of ‘Pathan’. The two are different. Our film has different twists. The story is different. Agent Game… Different and Terrific.

Did you do special homework for God’s role in Agent?
I saw some mad characters. I have seen some other Hollywood movies besides No Place for Old Men. I also examined the role of Rolex in Vikram. Madness is also present in my character. Surender Reddy used to ask me how much homework I had done and I wanted more. Everything is loud and exciting.

Do you want to do more films in Telugu?
I am open to everything. I am making my debut in Malayalam after this film. As an actor one has to do in all languages. I believe there will be opportunities in Telugu after Agent.

What kind of feeling does ‘Agent’ give to the audience?
‘Agent’ is a spy thriller, the story of three agents. Cat and Mouse Chase .. Two and a half hours movie will be enjoyed by the audience throughout. Agent gives a roller coaster ride experience. Twists, large action, visuals, sound all entertain the audience.

Best compliment you received after the release of Agent trailer?
I got the biggest compliment from Mammootty while shooting. After the director’s cut, Mammootty looked at me and said, “Fantastic.. You have done it wonderfully”. It would have been good if someone had recorded those words. It is a life time memory.

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