Agent is a wild and intense action drama, says Akhil Akkineni

Agent is a wild and intense action drama, says Akhil Akkineni

Akhil Akkineni, Mammootty and Surendar Reddy’s upcoming action thriller Agent is heading for release on April 28 worldwide. Touted to be the first of its kind in the Telugu cinema the movie is set to bring in a new experience of a spy thriller to a Telugu audience. Akhil has gone out of his way for action sequences in the film and the team is also banking on the action episodes that come up often in the film. Akhil shared his views about the movie in an interview.

How did the journey of the Agent start?

I love larger-than-life action movies. While doing Most Eligible Bachelor I felt the need for doing an action thriller. Though the cinema was a hit and helped me reach more people, I was still looking for an action-genre film. I met director Surendar Reddy during the COVID lockdown and have decided to work together even without knowing the storyline.

Since childhood, I used to like action movies more than movies of any other genre. SS Rajamouli’s films make me go mad.

Did you follow any Hollywood actors while shaping up your body for the film?

Why go to Hollywood, we have Hrithik Roshan in India. But I have realised that bodybuilding depends on person to person as genetics vary. You can build your body like a second person. However, I have tuned my body as required by the director in 10 months. Director wanted to present me in an extremely different look.

What were your preferences and limitations while doing Agent?

I liked the genre of Agent. As far as limitations are concerned, I used to have doubt if I could give my best for the role. I have done such a character earlier. It behaves like a monkey. I’m kind of an introvert but this character needs to be in high spirits every second. After some into the character, I got used to it.

How is Agent different from other spy thrillers?

Agent is a special film. Why we have a star like Mammootty in the film will be known after the film’s release. The story is not just from the perspective of the hero. There will be intense drama between the three roles. I fell in love with Mammootty’s role.

About your role in the movie?

My character’s name is Ricky, a wild person who does unimaginable things as an agent.

How do you feel about Agent sharing the release date with industry hits like Pokiri, and Bahubali2?

Pokiri and Bahubali are my personal favourites. I have seen Pokiri 50 times and am continuing to watch Bahubali even now. I consider this as a blessing.

How was the experience working with Mammootty?

Mammootty does not agree to act unless he likes the role. We felt happy when he liked the script. I have enjoyed working with him.

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