Agent’ gives a great theatrical experience: Anil Sunkara

Agent’ gives a great theatrical experience: Anil Sunkara

‘Agent’ gives a great theatrical experience. Akhil Spawn is on another level after Agent: Producer Anil Sunkara

Young and dynamic hero Akhil Akkineni and stylish maker Surender Reddy‘s crazy stylish spy action entertainer ‘Agent’ is all set for a grand release worldwide on 28th April. Rambraham Sunkara is ambitiously produced under AK Entertainments and Surender 2 Cinema banners. Agent‘s already released promotional has raised huge expectations with tremendous response. Producer Anil Sunkara, who is coming to the audience of the film on April 28, shared the features of the film in a press conference.

Is ‘Agent’ a prestigious film under your banner? Is there excitement? Feeling stressed?
There are two types. To be honest, it is a bit stressful. Not about the result. The unit has been working day and night for the last month. A very big movie. One and a half hour CG work. Each frame has a CG. It’s all stressful.

We heard that the budget is also more than the market?
I have said so far. The market is no more. Content Market. Spending on content can bring it back.

Isn’t the agent a pan India subject?
‘Agent’ is content for everyone. But there should be at least three months for Pan India release. There is an idea to focus on Telugu first and plan from the second week onwards. All the dubbing is already done.

What was your state of mind when director Surender Reddy got infected with Covid?
When I talked to him, I understood the seriousness. All the government hospitals where he is in Budapest. All were put in one room. They are dying one by one. He who was seen by the bed yesterday is not there today. When we get the feeling that the same thing may happen to us tomorrow, it is scary to imagine.

The reason for making Surender Reddy a producer?
Agent different projects. He asked me to meet him.

Any thoughts on directing?
I’m doing it. There is a spy genre movie.

What kind of experience does an agent give you as a producer?
Agent Different Experience. This is a movie that is being released under a lot of pressure. We wanted to lock a date and somehow come on that date. We worked day and night for the last month for that date.

What are Bhola Shankar updates?
Action is happening. Releasing on August 11.

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