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Adi Pinishetti’s secret engagement with heroine Nicki Galrani..Viral photos!

Adi Pinishetti’s secret engagement with heroine Nicki Galrani..Viral photos!

Another couple is finally getting ready for their wedding. Adi Pinishetti, who has been a lover in the film industry for some time, has been rumored to be getting married to Nicki Garlani. However, no matter how viral the news was, the two did not react to it once. But they are always together in the outside world. In addition, photos of family events occasionally went viral on social media.

And now, as a finale, Adi Pinishetti has officially clarified that he is going to marry the heroine he loves. Adi Pinchetti and Nicki have already acted together in two movies. Adi Pinchetti and Nicky impressed the audience as a good couple in the Telugu version of Malupu as well as in the bilingual film Marakathamani. There have been various reports since last year that the hero and heroine are getting married soon.

Finally, Adi Pinishetti posted a photo of the engagement on social media and officially announced that the two are one. He said that the two had been a couple for a long time and now they are officially closer. Adi Pinishetti explained that the engagement took place on the 24th of this month and that only family members of both parties were present at the ceremony.


It is known that Adi Pinishetti plays a hero on the one hand and a negative character on the other. Ram is currently set to appear as a powerful villain in the upcoming movie The Warrior. Adi Pinishetti is also making a Tamil film as a hero.


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